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First order was double charged. Not only was it double charged but each charge was $10.00 more than what it should of been. Basically $80.00 for 2 hamburgers and order of tater tots from down the road. The overcharge was never credited back to my credit card, like I had been promised. I did however manage to get credits on my next DoorDash purchase. On my next order it was almost impossible to order with just my DoorDash credits (with hidden... Read more

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Make sure the restaurants listed on their web site actually work with Doordash before you order and leave your credit card. I ordered 10 sandwiches for a very busy Saturday at the shop on Friday night in Phoenix. The next day I found out I had to change one sandwich to Vegan. I would have been waiting a long time for Hob Nobs sandwiches. Hob Nobs informed me they don't work with Doordash and never received the order. They never have! Doordash... Read more

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I have used door dash 5 times now and the app is pretty accurate when it comes to tracking the driver. This time, the driver said my food was delivered, but it never was. I waited 30 minutes for the customer service people to call me back because they said they would after contacting the driver, and they never did. I ended up speaking to 3 different customer service representatives and having to tell them my story each time. I finally decided to... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • 2 days ago
  • #992890

The worst. They mess up and bring your food after an hour cold and no one bothers to call and ck

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Great concept, poor execution. We have successfully ordered from this company a few times, but the last several tries have been a nightmare. Their app and site dont work properly. You cant order what you want due to glitches and sometimes the business doesnt see the special instructions. My last three attempts to order online failed with the transaction, although when i check my back they had no issue charging. So it looked like it went through... Read more

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I waited two whole hours for food that was supposed to take 55 minutes and it never showed up!!! I'm not only extremely hungry at 1030 pm now but I wasted my entire night and had to cancel plans while waiting. I found out the site was crashing anytime I tried to check my order status on my phone or ipad. I got a confirmation email with a receipt but no email letting me know the order had been cancelled. I am LIVID i jave never had such a... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jan 13
  • #990758

Ordered food. 45 min estimate. 3 hours and 2 bailed drivers later am at restaurant demanding my food. They appear to be ready to end relationship with Doordash. MOst importantly Doordash took my money, have no contact info to resolve issue or get refund. FEels a lot like ponzi scheme.

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One of my coworkers informed me that this place is really delicious so i was like, why not try it today, but my worst nightmare was about to come. my 3 co workers and I ordered online for a delivery. we split the bills, everyone cash and mine was my debit card. After the food came, i asked for the receipt, the deliver guy stated that there was no receipt, so i was like, OK.... I guess i will go by the receipt online. The whole total came to... Read more

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COMPLAINTS: - Why offer the deal "Refer friends, get $7" if you never f*cking reward us? - I referred many people. Never saw a dime. My boyfriend finally received $7 in credit, which he used during check out. The bill came out to $40. He gets text notifications whenever his credit card is charged and $47 was charged AND HIS $7 IN CREDIT DISAPPEARED. - On top of an $8.99 delivery fee, dasher tip, tax, and a service fee that is sometimes there,... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jan 07
  • #987000

$7.00 delivery fee plus another dollar for a "small order fee," on top of a decent dasher tip! A simple fast food order turned into a $32.50 ordeal. And to make the entire experience worse, the dasher was 25-30 mins late and forgot 2 items from my order.

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