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You never called or updated. Worst service ever. Totally unacceptable

I went to the restaurant ans saw my order sitting there 2 hours later

User's recommendation: Never use door dash. Done.

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There's lots of reasons why an order doesn't get picked up on doordash. The first one is that there's no tip on the order.

Most drivers will not pick up an order where the tip is not already added because doordash only pays the driver $3 on its own to pick up an order. Most drivers are not going to drive an order for $3 especially if it's not going somewhere right around the corner. And while some people don't think this is right you can't expect people to work for nothing. $3 doesn't even pay for one gallon of gas today so respectfully you should tip your drivers.

Another reason could be the distance from the restaurant to the customer. A lot of drivers do not like to drive more than 5 miles to deliver in order even if there is a good tip already added. The other reason that I can think of that you may not have received your order is that the app might have experienced issues.

When the app experiences outages drivers do not get orders to pick up food. The entire system shuts down.


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