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I'm super pist off because. I got to the restaurant.

5 minutes early., I waited. For the right time and the restaurant said they would be done in eight more minutes. I waited for. That time and more, it took a total of 27 minutes to get the food out the door at the restaurant.

At this point I'm. Worried that the. The person receiving the food will be upset. So I stayed to help DoorDash.

But guess what? Even after all that time. I called and you guys are making my statistics go down for being late, which is not my fault and you're not gonna pay me for all the wait time. This is ********.

This cost me actual money. So from now on I'm going to. Cancel the second. They're not ready and I'm gonna leave you and your customer hanging high and dry.

I tried to help you, but you left me. In the lurch and stuck it in my ***.**** you.

Location: Lake Saint Louis, Missouri

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I'm a driver too and they rip us off constantly. Buffalo Wild Wings steals our tips, door dash reps don't answer the phone, and most food services leave us last in line to recieve our food.If you are a driver, they treat you horribly.I care about my job, the people I serve and if customers are happy-door dash could care less who they *** on.There should be a class action lawsuit filed to open up their books and see EXACTLY HOW MUCH $ has been stolen from the drivers.


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