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This will be the 2nd time I order through Door Dash and this time I actually ordered 24hrs in advance or maybe 20 hrs in advance. I ordered yesterday for today's lunch meeting.

at 10:56am I received a call from Door Dash customer service to advised me that the merchant was not able to process my order since it was not entered on time. I was really upset because I had mention to rep " how can this be when I order my lunch a day before". The worst part is that I order for my company! So rep informed that she will call me back (which I never got a call back).

So I directly contact merchant myself and advised them the situation and they informed me that Door Dash put in my order at 11am when my lunch should be here at 12pm. Now this is what upset me even more because I personally request order a DAY BEFORE?

Door Dash was able to fix it and food was delivered on time but going through all of this should have been prevented.

This is the 2nd time I had bad experience w/ Door Dash. The 1st one it was the driver not picking the food on time and I had one of our employee drive over to pick up the order.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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