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Update by user Sep 12, 2018

I genuinely only feel this was resolved due to my staying on top of the situation constantly. On my first call last week they said they'd follow up within 2 days.

I demanded a reference # so that there'd be a record we could look up. After that, I called every day. Today, on day 7, I was connected with a supervisor. After being put on hold for 30 minutes, they said an account specialist had reviewed the file and they'd be issuing a full refund.

While the email says it'll be 5-7 days until I see the money, I do at least have the email saying it's been done.

For transparency, I live in San Jose, CA and I had two fraudulent charges: $234.64 in Texas at a steakhouse, and $32.41 in Atlanta at a Chick-fil-a. As of now, my situation appears resolved.

Original review posted by user Sep 11, 2018

I had two unauthorized charges on my account totaling $300. They did not verify the ID of the person who picked up, or make any attempts to validate the purchase, despite how large it was.

I've made repeated calls to customer service with no luck. The team that answers works for Doordash, but say the "San Francisco team will follow up with you directly." There is no number to reach them, and despite being told I'd be contacted 2 days later, it's been 6 and I've received no word.

The only way for this to happen is if DoorDash had a data breach, which they have not announced. I will continue calling every single day until I receive my money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Account.

Reason of review: Fraudulent Purchase.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Your navigation always screwed up


Well... if doordash doesn't pay my weekly earnings of $687.30 ...

i have no option apart from suing them.

Thats hard earned money...driving on the road all time.and they don't even have a number to reach them..we talk to robocalls. I hate it ..but i guess am pressing charges


to Tragic Turtle....did you have any forward movement after the "we're escalating this to the San Francisco team"? Because I got stonewalled after calling them and speaking to a supervisor. I'm so angry I could spit.


Here's how it played out. I called the original day I found out about the charges and was assured "it's being escalated," and took it at that.

I called the next day for follow up because I wasn't given a time frame (and $300 was stolen I needed for rent) and was asked if I had a reference number - I didn't. The guy on the first call didn't give me one. So I was essentially back to ground zero. Told them what happened again, they gave me a reference number and said it'd be about 5 days.

On day 6 I called back again and asked why I hadn't been contacted, and what the progress was. They said, "Sorry, it's been escalated to the San Francisco team," so I demanded I speak to a supervisor. They kept saying that wouldn't help, they couldn't do anything, but I explained, "You took hundreds of dollars without checking an ID, there's obviously been a data breach that DoorDash won't fess up to, I'm not getting off this phone until you help me." They then got me to a supervisor. He said it takes 7 days -- I was calling on day 6.

So I asked, "If I call back tomorrow, day 7, you're suddenly going to have news for me?" He said yes. I said okay, and got off the phone. Of course day 7 they didn't call, so I called them. And I was just as stern -- "I had money stolen over a week ago, you've opened a reference number, I was told it'd be solved and nobody has contacted me.

I want the number for the San Francisco team. I want this resolved." At this point, I think my persistence won out. They put me on hold for an "account executive," who then was able to issue a refund, which took about 24 hours.

And that was that. So in the end, I got my money back, but it was only by staying on top of them, being stern, asking for what would happen and when, and holding them to it.


this happened to me as well only 1,900 was stolen from my account. Over 9,000 was attempted before my bank stepped in.


Very interesting. I also recently had my account hacked into and someone in Brooklyn NY ran up just over $80 in food charges.

One was a Baskin Robbins delivery. Like, really? Who the *** requests ICE CREAM to be delivered? I too live in the San Jose area.

As soon as I noticed the receipts in my email on 9/9 I immediately followed the protocol of filing a compliant. I, too, have had to bug them about updates, getting nothing but weak attempts at pacifying me that someone has received my complaint, and then another one saying they would give me an update in 2 business days. It's been 3 days and nothing. So I've had to send another email.

I could get it refunded from my bank, but that would require canceling my card and waiting for them to send me another one. My bank is out of a state. AND that would require going through all my bill pays to update the information. OR....!

Door Dash could JUST REFUND ME MY MONEY and delete my account information and I could go about my merry way.

I too think there was a larger data breach that they don't want to cop to. I don't think it's a coincidence that we live in the same area and had similar issues within days of each other.


They absolutely can refund your money. They did it for me. Stay on top of them, call over and over, demand to talk to supervisors, don't take no for an answer.


Update 9/12: I've called multiple times on the matter, especially after finding more and more people online complaining about a data breach and fraudulent charges. Each time I've called the person who answers acts as if they've never talked to me, can't find my reference #, etc.

Big piece of advice: If you are experiencing the same issue, do not get off the phone until they provide a reference #.

This whole ordeal is proof that they will take, in my case, a $234 charge for delivery without verifying ID or anything at all, and as the person didn't have my PIN, it was run as credit. This needs to be heard loud and clear to all - DOORDASH HAD A DATA BREACH, and they haven't announced it.


The same thing happened to me - totally awful! I really hope you recover your money.

The worst part is not being able to get back into your account and see what credit cards were attached to your account. TechCrunch posted an article about this issue today, Doordash clearly covering up a data breach!


Same thing happened to me today! Here is there number.

They are investigating my case. (855) - 973 - 1040


Thanks. I've tried every # I can find for them.

All goes to the same place. From the research I've done, they use a third-party company to field all inbound inquiries.

I live in San Jose, so they've said my case is being handled by "the San Francisco team," and they cannot provide any phone #, email address or point of contact for them. I've simply been told numerous times "they'll email you directly," which they haven't.


They are lying to you and have no intentions on sending it to the "San Francisco team" as they don't even have access to headquarters. Here is the CEO and other higher ups Twitter accounts and emails.

Tony Xu @t_xu CEO and co-founder at @DoorDash. Email Andy Fang @andyfang Cofounder/CTO @doordash Stanley Tang @stanleytang cofounder @doordash, stanford '14


The same thing happened to me - totally awful! I really hope you recover your money.

The worst part is not being able to get back into your account and see what credit cards were attached to your account. TechCrunch posted an article about this issue today, Doordash clearly covering up a data breach!