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Their prices don't match the menu often, they screw up your order often. They have delivery fee, service fee, tip which is fine, Unfortunately...

- the deliveries are often not on time, or wrong - If you are charging people a delivery fee, you better be damn sure you can deliver in the designated time frame. - the service when there is an issue is absolute trash. IE: i want a butterfinger shake, so I order food from a restaurant that sells butter finger shakes. My food arrives, no butterfinger shake and all other items were incorrect.

Their resolution is "I can send you a 24 dollar credit for ALL of your food being wrong or missing (only thing they got right was the bottles of diet coke)... Now if I order a steak, and you send me chicken tacos... yes it is still food, and yes it still costs money but this is not what I paid for.1 of 2 things need to happen at this point. You need to either refund the money for the food I ordered that you failed to provide or you need to send somebody out with my correct order and to pick up the other food, period.

Even if i ordered red chicken tacos and you sent me green, still not what i ordered and not what I agreed to pay for. I just had this encounter this week. After asking for a refund, and a bit of back and forth, I ended up allowing them to post a credit to my doordash account for 24.99 (again, even though every item was screwed up and it was a 40+ dollar order, I said fine). Fast forward 2-3 days later i decide to give them another shot.

I place an order using the credit +28 dollars on my card. The order is supposed to arrive in 37 minutes per DD when i was ordering. As soon as I hit complete order, the time jumped from 37 minutes to 1 hr. Not ideal but I can live with it.

An hour goes by, no food, an hour 10, 20, 30, and FINALLY 40 minutes after my food was scheduled to arrive i have somebody knocking on my door. Sadly my food is ice cold. I contact doordash immediately, and they send me a credit to my account for 1.99... yes, one dollar and 99 cents for an ice cold 50+ dollar order...

Seems legit right. So i contact them several times and finally (after about an hour of emailing and 40 minutes on the line with them) get a response and they tell me, well I can credit you back the 28 to your card but you used the credit so I can't refund it to you... Wait, what now? I just used this credit for the 2nd order in a row that you failed to deliver on.

In all fairness i should have received like 35 dollar back since all that was correct was my soda but their customer service often speaks mediocre english and it is irritating as *** to sit on the phone and repeat yourself over and over so I settled on the 24.99 credit. I could understand a bit more if it was a credit from a gift card or even a botched order from several month ago (not really though because ultimately i paid you for something and you did not deliver it) but for them to screw up my order so drastically back to back and be unwilling to refund the money is absolutely absurd. Long story short I paid them 68 dollars out of my bank this week and received 4 correct items... my cokes.

They have issued me a 28 dollar credit (after 40 minutes of deliberation) but ultimately the issue has still not been resolved. They will have somebody call me back in 3-5 days that "may or may not be able to issue the credit". The amount of time I have now spent between email complaints phone conversations etc is about 2 hours. Though I do believe they underpay me, according to my employer my time is worth 25$ and hour.

So I have now spent $50 of my time trying to get back the $24.99 they stole from me. Financially doesn't make sense for me, but this is a matter of principle. If companies are blatantly stealing from their consumers somebody needs to say something. Unfortunately I could not find them on the BBB, so I will probably spend another 2 hours or so posting on every consumer reporting page I can to let people know about this nonsense.

All I want is my money back and my account closed.

Never thought I would have to jump through these many hoops when it's their company that screwed up back to back. Absolutely pathetic.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

DOORDASH Cons: Extremely late, Incorrect items, Customer service, Resolution to above listed issues.

  • Poor management skills
  • Atrocious Delivery
  • Resolution To Incorrect Order
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