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June 1st, I attempted to place an order with Door Dash. The online system only allows for orders up to $100. My order was going to be in excess of $400.

I ended up, after a 30 minute search, to find a phone number. The young lady that answered the phone was wonderful, but it still took over 45 minutes to place the order in a fashion that would work on their system. She was in Guatemala.

I felt everything was in order. The delivery was to be made Sunday night, June 3rd. The person receiving the order was ready and available and the Door Dash order supposedly had the contact phone number so he could describe how best to deliver the order.

Evidently, DDs procedure is to assign one driver per order. Though I had been assured that only one person would deliver the order, on Sunday night I received two men calling me within 2 minutes of each other. Two others called within five minutes. When these drivers get the order they either go to the restaurant or call the restaurant on the phone and place the order. So I was trying to work with four drivers for four orders.

The first two drivers were Nick and Esteban. Esteban wouldn't help or call the home office. Nick gave me the emergency number. I called, again Guatemala, and the man on the phone spoke with such an accent I could barely communicate. And I speak Spanish. He denied a problem and was rude the first call. Then he realized there was a problem. But after every call, he asked was I satisfied with my service and could they do more.

Screaming didn't work with him. So 45 minutes went down the drain.

Because the order was not placed Friday night, and not requested until close on Sunday, the restaurant had sold out of a couple of the items. This caused a huge problem in getting secondary items for replacement. After 45 minutes more minutes, 14 phone calls, to the store and delivery people and supervisor, it was decided that Nick and Esteban would deliver the items and eventually the order was fulfilled and delivered appropriately.

With mandatory tip and fees, the order cost me for Door Dash fees at around 35% of food cost.


What compounded this whole situation was I was attending a conference in New Orleans and missed the entire 1.5 hour presentation by Robert Herjevac (sic) of Shark Tank.

These people are ridiculous and expensive. After working hard to cover all angles, they found new avenues to screw up and cost me time I didn't have to give.

I would recommend using any and all food delivery service companies EXCEPT DOOR DASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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