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My account was hacked and someone bought $850 worth of food from 8 different restaurants in over 7 states across the country within 1 hour on Sept 26.

When I tried to contact DoorDash to notify them of the account being hacked there was no way to get someone on the phone for an emergency situation like this. Not on their customer service website or through the app. I tweeted them on Twitter, no response. I tried reaching them through one of the live chat features through the app that was tied to one of the fraudulent orders, they still wouldn't give me a phone number.

I then decided I had to call my bank, Chase, to cancel any upcoming charges and close the card DoorDash had on file.

I reached out to my friends to warn them of the account *** and they gave me DoorDash's phone number (which is very hard to find). They also had problems with DoorDash in the past so they somehow got their phone number.

After calling DoorDash, the customer representative was super friendly and sounded like she genuinely wanted to help. She notified me that one of her departments will look into the fraudulent charges and might get back to me within the next couple days. She also reassured me that they would fully refund me of all the charges.

Now, Oct 4th, DoorDash still hasn't refunded me and I went to delete my account permanently. After seeing no way to delete/remove my account either through their website for their app I called their phone number again and got another very friendly customer representative.

The representative said he could only remove the credit card on my account. He notified me that my account was, "deactivated" and asked me to try to place an order.

I was confused and notified the representative that I could still log in and log out of my account so the account still exists. I also wasn't wanting to try to place an order, I don't want to ever use their services again and I was simply needing to have them remove/delete my account permanently.

The representative asked several times for me to please hold while he asked his supervisors several of my account questions. Eventually the representative informed me that they cannot delete DoorDash accounts.

I was shocked and asked why. He went to ask his supervisor again. After asking his supervisor the representative informed me that neither he nor his supervisor know why they cannot delete/remove DoorDash accounts

I asked one more time to have him confirm to me that this was DoorDash's official response to customers that are requesting their accounts be deleted/removed especially after being hacked and having nearly $1000 fraudulently placed orders. The representative apologized and said yes I was correct then quickly wished me a good day and hung up.

This has me very concerned about DoorDash’s security measures and procedures for fixing fraudulent activity along with the closing/removing/deleting customer accounts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Account.

Reason of review: Account hacked and cannot delete account or get quick response time from customer service..

Monetary Loss: $850.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

DOORDASH Cons: Awful customer service, App function, Doordash never called back when we complained, Account being hacked, Not refunded.

  • Customer service lacking
  • lack of response
  • Account Hacked
  • No Refund
  • Fraud Activities
  • Slow Response
  • Hard To Reach
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Go to the card you want to delete and swipe left and delete the card.


GLAD to see your testimony. I believe there is power in numbers and being able to cite this website as evidence in my chargeback case will be key.


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