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My Reactivation Appeal. Was told by support I needed to resend it in five different times.

It has now been a six month long ordeal. I cant get through to anyone. But this was the appeal I spent hours typing. If Doordash or someone who works at the company sees this review please understand I was laid off two months ago due to the virus and I am a 21 year old female in college who is struggling with mental illness and now struggling to make ends meet completely.

Doordash is the only way for me to make an income right now and the company is unable to see the true consequences of my appeal going unnoticed. I struggle daily looking for work and have been forced to withdraw from school in order to pickup horrible shifts that are occasionally offered to me via a gig platform but this work is for men in my opinion and the hours are rough (3am- 12pm) in a warehouse an hour drive from my home wrapping pallets with shrink wrap and moving boxes of cargo. I am under 100 lbs and the pain in my body from the intense labor kills me after every shift. I need to make money so I dont get evicted.

Please help me.

To start this appeal, please let me begin by stating that Doordash was the best opportunity I ever had for. I have struggled to make ends meet working long hours at multiple jobs (mostly restaurants) with nothing to show but exhaustion and a continuous lack of time for my schooling. With Doordash, I was able to work at my own pace and schedule, whilst adding in more hours on days I had the time and allowing other times for working on my classwork. At the time of my account being deactivated, I was well on my way to completing over 750 deliveries in the few short months (less than six months!) that I was working on the platform.

It was New Years Eve, going into the next day (January 1 2020) around 4am in which the incident that led to my account deactivation took place. As previously mentioned, I loved working for Doordash and I would never choose to participate in any foolish or fraudulent act that could potentially lead to my account getting banned. I was smarter than this, and my years of experience in the hospitality and customer service industry supported this. This job as a courier allowed me to set my own hours which was necessary for me as a full time college student.

At the time of deactivation, I was just finishing yet another 10 hour (nonstop) shift, and I had completed over 750 deliveries, with a 90% acceptance rate and an average rating of 4.2 over the span of my Dashing career. As a young student, there is so much for me to learn and this job gave me great experience as well as an ability to familiarize myself with my new city. I loved having the ability to work when I want and I liked meeting new people. However, after similar potentially dangerous experiences working on another platform (Postmates to be precise), I decided to force myself to make the wisest choice and limit my dashing to strictly daytime and early evenings after class.

I have been in quite a few fearful situations in the past while delivering for postmates. This was when I was very new to the city and I would often end up in areas which I know to avoid these days. I knew that New Years Eve would be far busier than most nights, and after noticing that many of the orders were double or even triple in normal profits, I decided to disregard my own rule for the night and work late into the very next morning. Anyone who knew me at this time knew that I was a very dedicated "dasher".

I would attend my classes on campus in the mornings and then dash immediately after until about ten pm every day. Of course, only when I wasnt working at my other job. I was averaging about 60 hours per week online sometimes even more. To wake up on the first day of the new year and find that I was banned really stirred up both confusion and upset emotions as I believed that I was dedicated to the platform and my relationship with support had always been very good.

I have years of experience working with people; especially in the customer service and hospitality industry, I often come in contact with many drivers from doordash and other delivery platforms on a daily basis while working at my other job (To-GO Restaraunt) . I know what is required of this position as a courier for a platform such as Doordash, and I would never choose to portray my role as a dasher in a negative light. This night was very appealing to dashers all around the city because of the fact it was a holiday (New Years Eve), and most orders were ranging $30-$40 in profits (per order!). I knew I had to get on the road immediately.

Typically, being a small and young student, I try my best to avoid dashing too late into the night especially on weekends and in certain neighborhoods. So being a young woman, and a small college student at that, I know from experience that doing this type of job can be quite dangerous, especially at night and in the wrong areas. This is exactly the circumstances that led to me being deactivated from the platform. The night in question, that lead to the deactivation, was New Year's Eve as previously mentioned.

It was so very busy, and being in desperate need of money, I continued dashing past 3am. I picked up my last order and found myself heading into a fairly dangerous neighborhood in Compton. When I arrived at the house, the lights were all out and I struggled to see even a single number on any of the homes .I paced up and down the small area between 3-4 potential houses in which could have been the customers home. I called them multiple times and they didnt pick up.

I then texted them and waited for a response. After waiting for over 5 minutes I really knew I should begin to walk up to one of the homes but I had an unusually uneasy feeling about this and I worried about walking onto someones property that late in the dark. People can get shot in that area for doing so. I called the customer multiple times, once again with no answer.

I then clicked the option for "can't find customer" in the app. The app instructed me to wait a little longer, which I did but I began to feel a dangerous presence and knew I needed to get into my car quickly. The app instructed me to still walk up to the house and leave the food nearby but after realizing the car right nearby mine was full of people with the lights off the entire time, this really shook me and I became extremely concerned for my safety in this very moment. I immediately ran back to my car and sped away.

For someone who apparently ordered food delivery, not having a single porch light on or answering a single attempt at contacting them really raised a red flag for me. The area I was in was known to be extremely dangerous (Compton) and I knew better than to stick around any longer poking my nose around a dark and threatening neighborhood at that time of night. This would have been handled much differently had it not been one of the craziest nights of the year in terms of people celebrating and consumption of alcohol and other altering substances as well which could easily alter anyones judgement. Not to mention not one the homes on this street had a single light on so the entire path was black the whole way through.

I was taught that intuition can often save us from rather potentially dangerous situations and in these dangerous situations even if your judgement IS proven wrong, you can never be too safe and I am a small girl delivering in a rough area in the middle of the night and I knew to never let me guard down. So I was unsure how to handle this situation quite truthfully. I suppose, now in hind site, I should have called customer support right then to explain my fearful incident and share my reason for leaving when I realized the customer was nowhere to be found. I decided it was best for me to make it home first so that I wasnt stuck idling on that sketchy dark street on the phone with doordash support.

By the time I made it home it was almost time for the sun to begin rising, thats how late I worked into the night. I was exhausted from driving over 10 hours nonstop and I figured I could call them in the morning to explain the situation. But when I woke up a little past noon, I found that I was already deactivated. This upset me more than anything that whole month as I really took my job as a Dasher seriously and had not seen this coming at all.

I cried for a few hours actually, because I hadnt known that reactivation was a possibility. After calling support, I spoke with multiple representatives whom all told me to write an appeal. Here I am, one year later and I am older and wiser now with more life experience, better problem solving skills and more driving experience as

well. I really really hope that this letter is able to show you just a fraction of my remorse for leaving with the food that night almost one year ago, and I hope you can understand just how dedicated I am to working for this company and regaining access to the platform.

Doordash was one of the best opportunities for me and I never for a single moment took it for granted. Upon receiving this appeal, I really hope that my account can once again become active. It has been almost 1 year since the incident, and I like to think I have learned so much about food delivery and handling customer situations all around. I have tried many other delivery services to supplement my income, but Doordash has been by far my favorite platform overall and always gave me the best experience as a driver.

I wish I had known about this appeal process sooner. I was relieved of my job of three years just a few weeks ago. I worked there since I was 18 and I loved the management as well as the staff, so being laid off unexpectedly really came as a loss to me. This loss really affected me not just financially but also emotionally as well.

I am currently involuntarily unemployed and due to COVID-19 the restaurant is now closed permanently. Doordash is my only hope for earning an income right now and it would be an absolute miracle to see my account up and active once again.

If you have any questions or would like to clarify anything regarding my appeal, please feel free to call me anytime to discuss. Thank you for your time and for your consideraion.

Best Regards,

Isabella Marie Hurt

November 5, 2020

Email: xyzy2k.0@***.com

User's recommendation: Never take the job you love for granted nor make any mistakes apparently.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Account.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Approval of my Appeal and Reactivation of my Account..

DOORDASH Pros: I envy getting a delivery, Great easy to use, Great choice of restaurants, Good money, Steady income.

DOORDASH Cons: Treat you like nothing, Never show up, Horrible support, Inconsiderate to drivers.

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