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The people and merchants complain on the Dashers but, I've had my own experience as a Dasher and I will tell you the merchants like Buffalo wild wings and other places in Dayton Ohio I have been treats dashers like they are not *** I was told I can come into Buffalo wild wings to order food and pick up the person order to use points but, I myself cannot eat there and use the Blazzin points rewards because it mess up there account really!! The customer service is so rude I'll be up loading a video soon on how Dashers get treated by the merchant so it's not the Dashers fought it's the merchants customer service and I done even had food that's been made before the pick up time and been sitting for almost 30 mins or more.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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Stealing the guests points is fraudulent. That's why they don't let you have them.

What if the guest wants their points but you've already stolen them when you did not use your own hard earned money to buy the food?

Have some common sense. Door dashes are not the priority, the guest coming into the establishment gets first priority.


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