To whom it may concern,

As a regular customer of DoorDash, I am very disappointed in the customer service that I received yesterday (05/24/2021).

My phone number associated with the food order is (321)914-****, and my email is dongyun866@***.com. The order came from Tropical Smoothie Cafe located at 2328 Citadel Way, Suite 102, Melbourne, FL 32940.

The experience with DoorDash was absolutely unacceptable in the perspective of a customer.

At first, I received a call from the delivery driver stating that he couldn't locate the address. Once confirming the address with him, I noticed the address given was incorrect. I explained to him the correct address, and I apologized to him regarding this situation. During the call, he stated that he will be able to locate the correct address and deliver my order.

However, I did not hear back from this delivery driver, nor did he ever delivered to the correct location I provided. I attempted to call the delivery driver several times with the phone number provided, which was (652) 262-****. I was unable to reach the delivery driver and he never returned my calls either.

I reached out to customer service stating that I would like a refund since the food was never delivered, and the response I received was "we are unable to provide the refund for you at this time." During the call with customer service, I was notified that the merchant had a negative experience with DoorDash as well. The merchant manager refused to provide the refund as well as preparing the ordered items the second time for delivery.

I squandered over 40 minutes waiting and speaking on the phone with customer service, Leicel.

In addition to the relentless wait, I was not able to obtain a refund.

The fact that the merchant refused to work with DoorDash reflected the problematic operation dysfunctionality. In the long run, DoorDash will face more complaints from customers regarding irresponsible deliver drivers and uncollaborative merchants.

The experience I encountered opposed everything that DoorDash stands for as a company.


Jade Huang

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