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My family and I never really get the opportunity to order take-out- it's a privilege. This company charged us $15.48 for a "selection fee" and when I looked online for a phone number so I could cancel the order and pick it up, I could not find it.

When I called, they told me that I have paid this fee in the past (which is not true bc I checked). The man on the phone was very snotty and would not refund this fee after I explained how I couldn't call right away bc I could not find the number. They are running a scam, and I will never use this company again. Just use another HONEST company....

I'm not an angry person, just annoyed. On a lighter note, RAKU sushi is the best :)

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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First, you have to agree to the cost when you submit the order. You had opportunity to not place it, they give you an itemization before you place it.

So that's on you, take some personal responsibility here.

Second, if you did some research into the selection fee, you did pay it if you used it before, but in the form of the menu items being marked up. Instead of doing that, the prices match the location and you get an itemization instead.

Own your ignorance.


Thanks, CEO. LOL GFY