Danville, California
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Customers give unfair rating to drivers even though the delivery was exceptional and customer service was great. I work for the company and am not happy how my status as a driver is threatened by unethical people.

I never have late deliveries not once and am always nice to whoever I'm delivering to. Also many order are very small and so the tip percentage is poor and almost a waste of time money and life. Getting those orders is like asking to be paid 10 dollars an hour so my acceptance rate is also low since those orders mess me up.

I wish DoorDash would see it's customers in line with it's drivers because were left out of the loop on everything. Also theirs no phone number available to talk to Driver Support only through text.

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Rating system is bad. Restaurant messed up let’s 1 star the perfect rating driver


I just started and completely agree. I’m friendly, on time if not early, and always accept.

Only 25 deliveries and already feeling like I’m failing when I’ve done nothing directly wrong. The food itself should not be put on us. I am not going to unwrap things because that’s unsanitary, but I always check the receipts and count all items.

I have no clue why the rating system is like this. I love doing this and don’t want to be kicked off based off someone’s false rating.


Call : 18559731040 from a phone number NOT registered on your DoorDash account. Select option 3 I must also inform you that you will be speaking with a Philippine Call Center in Davao City, Philippines .

That is who DoorDash contracts to do all of their support. NOBODY will ever speak with anyone at DoorDash Corportate with the United States.

On Behalf of Pissed Consumer Help Center
The DoorDash website explains that Dasher ratings can fluctuate for various reasons. Dasher ratings are dependent on three metrics: customer ratings, acceptance rates, and completion rates.

You may find out why DoorDash ratings can drop according to the information provided on the company website here: https://help-center.pissedconsumer.com/top-consumer-questions-to-doordash/#Why-have-my-DoorDash-ratings-dropped?

Seriously these customers are full of *** Like I had someone lie about cold food so she can get her money back and free food then when I offered to get her hotter food she insisted I leave the food and DoorDash give her her money back. Now my ratings are low all because she wanted to be cheap


*** her. Carma will catch up to her


I cannot BELIEVE this gal is at a 3.6 customer review! I have 100% completion rate and 83% acceptance!

I gave each of my customers a candy bag and a Thanku handwritten NOTE! And I still went down! LOL! I had trouble with the APP and still got the food to there customers!

these houses with wrong directions from the APP! I suspect the app is screwing up somehow!

I couldn't have been nicer- I am not kidding! What the HECK!


Exactly , the app don’t work properly, wrong directions,no immediate support , I have not exp this with no other company


Door Dash ratings from customers are bs and we the drivers are being wrongly vindicated. Just because you (the customer) are having a bad day dont take it out on us the drivers.

We try hard to be the best but you dont care so u give us a 1 star.

F off you pos customers. Next step lets file a class action against door dash and put an end to this bs !!

@madman tony

Yes, the customers can be some real b%@es. I love the fat girls the most, especially when they give the wrong address, they order far away from the restaurant, make you to drive over every speed bump to reach them on the 3rd floor............. after you've been sitting at the apartment gate 15-20 min, calling them trying to get inside.


Damn, I had this exact situation. Now I’m fat myself, so I’m not bagging on the customer being fat, but she was on the third floor, no apt number, left me at the gate forever ringing to get in. I was so frustrated that once she actually answered and gave me the apt number i left my car at the front office and walked it to her.

@madman tony

I totally agree. Dash has no respect for their drivers.

You can be polite, on time and bring the correct order and still get a low customer rating. It is not our fault if a sandwich has onions on it and it wasn’t suppose to. I don’t open the sandwich and inspect it. Touching the customers food would be a health hazard and totally gross.

I have a low rating and I’m not sure why.

Dash needs to improve their app and restaurants need to improve their orders. I’m the delivery person and that’s ALL!


And if they make a mistake ( no apt. Or suite#, won't answer their phone if there's a problem, etc) and you call them on it, they give you a low rating, knowing they are wrong


Doordash customers are mean and sensitive, my rating has dropped 30 points in the last month and i am usually like 20 min. Early.I guess they think its cool to try and get people fired.


You customers dont know what we do for you. We run stop signs, speed, park in red, double park as we run in the Restaurant looking like a fool grabbing your food, then you give us a low rating cause you think its cute.


I know and I'm so sick of these *** customers! They should have a rating profile just like we do to even the playing field.

I appreciate the great customers that I do encounter but they are few and far between. Another word of advice that I would add to the loser customers is don't wait until you're starving to order and get a attitude with us.


These customers need to pay, we don't go to your work and try to get you fired for doing your best, you are sensitive little crybabies, I wish nothing but the worst for you

@Brett king

I do Door Dash and I would like to see what the customer is tipping or "not tipping" because as far as I'm concerned ...no tip , no delivery for you!! They wouldn't go to a restaurant and not tip the waitress!

These customers don't have to be inconvenienced by going out to get their food or wait at a restaurant for a table and pretend to be nice to the waitress..they can sit at home not out in traffic wasting their gas and be chill until they get their order. And have the nerve to give a low rating if God forbid they only got 1 sauce instead of 2. Make your own fry sauce damnit. ..lol..

seriously though customers don't see it through our eyes, I have had people tell me they don't tip because they had heard we don't get tips... well when you're not giving one then ,yes we are not getting them. Duh.. after I see that a customer didn't tip I want to text them and say hey thanks for the no tip jerk *** ...

but I don't. ..I just hope Karma takes care of them somehow.. we are doing what is expected of us just some customers must think we make the food too.. or know if an item is missing from a Wal-Mart order...

how the *** would I know if your food is made correctly or they forgot your Twinkies at Wal-Mart! So sorry my crystal ball isn't with me today ...

better luck next time, eh. ^,^