My husband and I ordered from Red Lobster in Paducah, KY last night (02/02/21), for delivery by Door Dash at 6pm local time. The first driver had the wrong phone number, but, rather than calling your Dasher support line, supposedly left our food on the street in front of our apartment building.

We called customer support and two hours later received a fresh order. Unfortunately the order we ended up receiving was tossed around so badly it was almost unrecognizable. Prior to this our experiences with Door Dash have been good. This instance, however, was completely unnecessary and unacceptable.

The $33 spent to receive this meal may seem inconsequential to most, but being homebound and on Social Security Disability it is a significant expenditure just to end up as unsavory mush. We believe some type of compensation is justified in regard to this matter.

User's recommendation: Buyer beware!

Location: Antioch, Tennessee

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