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Because when We ordered the website said the restaurant was open,But by the time the dasher got to the restaurant,They were closed,The employees who took the assignment fir our delivery, called an told me and said he would report to Doordash about the issue so I would be refunded,But apparently did not,So we had to reorder from another restaurant and wait until a Driver,accepted assignment.Rally's was the restaurant that was closed, But then only White castle was open but because I also had issues with incorrect items I went online the website and chatted with an employee and made a complaint about our order I was given a partial credit for the second order,I also asked about the First order I had about an hour previously that evening again but again was told that if the dasher told me He would hand lo e it,it wasn't necessary for me to make another complaint or request for refund of my payment for $59.71,But because the dasher had told me he was reporting and requesting that I be refunded for the first order of $59.71,That we never received at all,I that it had already been handled,He told me that it would take about 3-7,days probably before I would see the refund on my account.After approximately 5 days I still had not gotten a credit for refund reflecting on my account So I went back in the app,And submitted a complaint to customer service through Chat,And was told that because I had waited,And apparently the employee had lied to me and didn't make the report,Which is hard to believe anyway,Because it should have been reported anyway,So they were aware of the situation and the dasher never completed the assignment of delivery,It would reflect on he's pay also.But anyway I was told because of this issue they refuse to give m ed a refund,They stolen my money,I got nothing for my $59.71,I'm still very upset and plan to figure out what I need to do next at this point,Because I will do or pay whatever is necessary (Even if I have to file legal action against this company for RIPPING me off,Its not only about the money at this point it's about justice,No one should be scammed out of $59.71,Because a company and their dasher are negligent,They took the order as if the restaurant was open,And the dasher neglected and lied to me about making the report and but issuing my refund.But I will never let this go,I deserve compensation for trouble and a refund for not getting anything I paid for.Im in the process of get an attorney to handle this issue if I cant get the corporate office to compensate me for this.Any bussiness that does this to a customer should be put out of business.And I intend to do anything neccessary in my power to stop this fro from happening to anyone else.I intend to make them regret their decision to cheat me.I promise that..

User's recommendation: First of don th use this business for services,And second never trust an employee's word without receiving it In writing.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: I want a full refund as while as additional compensation of some form and and apology as well as their policies on this matter changed,Like I said In my complaint their needs to be a policy of delivery rating and completion report by both the customer & d.

DOORDASH Cons: Poor customer service, Charging for products never received, Handling refunds and complaints properly, False advertising and hours of operation, Misleading and false information.

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