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What a horrible experience with this so-called company. Food delivery services are quite common in this city, so when I went online to place an order, I thought nothing of it.

My order was set to arrive in 45-60 minutes, which is typical. After waiting an hour and a half, I called the restaurant, and went straight to voicemail. I called the phone number of the Dasher who had been scheduled to pick up my food. The guy sounded like he had just woken up and then told me my payment had gone onto a card he has that is electronically loaded from my payment.

He told me I would have to contact the company directly to get my payment refunded. There is no customer service line on the website and the email address listed is linked to a domain name website.

Do not use this "business", there is no credibility behind their nice website and they do such a great job at taking money from people that are completely unsuspecting.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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There is a customer support chat inside the app. DoorDash themselves doesn't do much over the phone (besides facilitating contact between drivers and customers)


I have tried several times to place an order with DoorDash and both credit cards were "declined". I called customer service and was told to wait 30 minutes and either add/subtract an item to change the amount of the order.

It still didn't work.

I've tried on both my tablet and laptop. After reading the reviews, I'm removing the app and taking my business elsewhere.


Door dash hasnt refunded me from a meal last night that had a spoiled taste and gave my husband and I stomach pains. I threw up.

40 for a spoiled meal credit me 5.00 what? Refund total it wasnt what i ordered .

I will be filling a CV complaint with chamber f commerce, BBB and disputing charges wth bank. I agree use ubereats not for dash

to Linda blair #1659558

How is that door dash’s issue and not the restaurant?


I use them 4-5 times a week. They have great customer service and always make things right is something is wrong.

Try them again. You won’t be sorry.


I order DoorDash at least 4x a week and have had absolutely amazing experiences. For sure try them out again and don’t let 1 bad apple ruin the entire tree. Not a scam service and very accessible.


I order them daily and not too many issues. It's been a few months since any problem.

I suppose there is always a chance of placing a bad order or getting a bad driver. The biggest problem with doordash as the author pointed out, is something goes wrong, there is no way to contact doordash.

Yoo cant contact them by phone nor email and there is no customer service, not even a human body you can find, lol. They have absolute worst customer service on the planet.

to Anonymous #1535509

You can immediately contact them through the very same app you used to order your food. That's what I've done any time I've had any issues, and they have ALWAYS helped me out right away!

Not sure why/how people think there's no way to contact them. It's right there in your app!


Doordarshan is horrible...ordered from them a few times and each time the driver never showed up but my card was charged ...and on top of that there is no easy way to call or contact them...


What an idiot! They are Canadian on top of that.... Soooo I'm not surprised that idiot had issues.


I literally order from DoorDash like every day. A scam? Really....lol, use the customer service chat in the app or call them directly, not that difficult lady.

to Jasmine t #1456280

Same here. Company is valid and I order several times a week. Any problems have been handled quickly and effectively, including refunds.

to Jasmine t #1586822

Having one bad experience with a company is by far not rare and by no means makes them a scam company. We use them all the time and the food is always delivered in a timely manner.

to Jasmine t #1597871

I have the app and have been dashing for a month now. There is no "chat" or "call them directly" option. If so, can you please provide the information because I have having difficulties.

to B-IL_Dasher #1636407

If you’re a dasher there’s an option on the top of the right corner I believe that says “help” it’ll take you to some options and choose the one that best fits your issue. It will eventually lead you to a chat room


Ok, first of all....the dasher told you a huge lie!!!!! Your payment goes directly to DoorDash corporate headquarters not his payment card.

They have money from a different account loaded onto their cards. I agree about the phone number, took me about an hour to find it myself and I navigate through the website daily at work.

Our number is 1-855-973-1040 and our email is support@doordash.com. You do need to contact us to be refunded, that was correct.

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