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I ordered a meal at 9:30 with the option for a DOORDASH delivery at 10:47. At 11:20, my meal was still not even picked up from the store.

I ended up going there myself to get it. When I arrived, the staff apologized profusely and I over heard them talking to themselves about how they had a bunch of orders ready for a long time and DOORDASH had yet to arrive. They were swamped and dealing with angry customers who hadnt received meals they paid for.

I called my driver at 1121, and told them not to bother because I picked up my own food. By 11:40, my driver called and asked if I picked up my meal, and I said yes and explained that there were a bunch of other DOORDASH orders and customers that he should help out.

I called customer service because I saw the large counter top full of orders.

When I called the lady I spoke too didnt really listen to my complaint. She was stuck on the fact I picked up my own food. I told her I was calling because of the huge back up in deliveries for approximately 10 other customers. She went through and couldnt find my order.

She said it was because I ordered through the store. I offered her my drivers name, his number, the store name and number, along with my order number. She completely ignored all the information I provided to her and said that I needed to call the store for the issue because it was their responsibility.

And I said, Oh no. I talked to the store.

I went and PICKED UP MY OWN FOOD. They have multiple orders that arent being picked up, which is a DOORDASH problem. Not a store problem. Thank you for nothing.

And I hung up.

I had to agree to this pissed customer agreement. When in reality, I wasnt truly pissed until the lady I spoke to in customer service.

I only wanted to let them know that there was a huge back up and that they might want to look into it.

Instead, I will NOT be using DOORDASH again and I have already spoken to several of my friends to warn them away from DOORDASH because that was ridiculous.

DOORDASH take responsibility for your own actions. Do better.

User's recommendation: Don’t use DOORDASH. They won’t be taking you seriously.

Preferred solution: Fix your customer service. And apologize to bob evans staff for the issues you cause their business..

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