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As a restaurant business in Houston, we received an email two weeks ago telling us there will be a delay in our automatic payment due to issue in their system, two weeks later, we did not get paid either, but we notice they were withdrawing money from our business account on 4 different occasions, for deposits they made earlier. We have been calling their accounting services, but we could not even get a phone call at all.

This morning, we notice an additional withdraw from our account and we received an email telling us, there will be delay in getting paid again....

We told our business to stop accepting orders under further notice.

Restaurant businesses need to be careful, and we are concerns about this situation...

Copy of this morning email..., this was the same email we got for the last tw weeks...

"Thanks for getting in touch with DoorDash Team about this. We’d be happy to assist with this and we apologize for the confusion.

We encountered a payment processing issue this week and your most recent payment may be delayed or look a bit unusual. We understand the extreme importance of prompt payment and we apologize for the delay. We are working with urgency to implement further system fixes to both resolve this individual issue, as well as prevent it moving forward. "

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Hey there.

I myself am a Dasher for Doordash. It took them over a week for them to pay me, saying the same thing about a "delay." Well I got paid this Monday (after needing it for a trip last weekend, mind you), but last night they withdrew the money they paid me, leaving me with little to no money.

This is really bad, and yes, their support is god awful. Hopefully they will have a reason why they took back the money they owed to us.


They keep telling us it is problems with their system, if it is the case, they can pay you check...They don't need a system to pay somebody, they can call the bank and make payments...

something is not right here, they pay us for the food the driver pick up from our business and they take the money from our account few days later...

This has been going on for almost three weeks.

What if you wrote a check, and later they withdrew the money...your check will be returned for insufficient fund and you end up with bad credit and a lot of bank fees...

you need to choose other company to work is possible they are going bankrupt and they don't have the fund, so they withdraw the money back every time they need funds in their account...

We placed them on hold...We stopped making food for their customers, until we get paid


All of the support is now handled in the Philippines, Guatemala and Ireland the support in Oregon ended on Sept 16th or 17th.