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Which, okay, fine, I use Door Dash a lot and it makes sense. Would have been no big deal, if a little annoying that they didn't ask my damn permission first.

BUT I was getting charged the delivery fees the ENTIRE TIME from DashPass affiliated restaurants.

From September to the end of December, I've been ordering under the impression that I just didn't have Dashpass, but I was going through my end of year expenses this month and saw a line item I didn't recognize, and sure enough, it was a Dashpass charge. Searched my account and realized I've been charged since September (TWICE in September) for a service I wasn't getting the benefits of. I opened a request for help two days ago that got escalated after the rep on the chat confirmed I was getting double dipped, and yesterday received a "WE HAVEN'T HEARD FROM YOU" email, except I never received the first email. So I replied to the WHHFY email directly, IMMEDIATELY after I received it, and then heard nothing back.

I sent in another reply this morning and then received a notification that my ticket had been closed.

I never heard from anyone.

I went to ask about this ticket and was told a system error closed it. Then the rep gave me another ticket number and dropped immediately.

I have receipts, I have the charges on my account, I HAVE PROOF they've screwed me, and I STILL haven't received any information about my SECOND escalated ticket.

I have each transcript saved from the chats because their OWN reps recognize this as a problem and YET here we are. Got nothing from their twitter help account either.

User's recommendation: Order directly from restaurants and support your local businesses. Tell door dash to POUND SAND.

Monetary Loss: $102.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

DOORDASH Pros: I used to like the service, That they do deliver the food, Easy site.

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