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My orders were cancelled 2 different times at 2 different restaurants on 2 different days. One of my orders even said it was on the way, showed me the dashers name n could see the driver at the store on the map then suddenly it was cancelled.

The text said they couldn't process my order with the restaurant which is bulls*it bc I turned right around n ordered the same order from grubhub. The order literally came 15mins later while door dash played with my order for almost 45....however it's amazing that they had no problem processing my payments within seconds. I have medical issues n it's very inconvenient when I think an order is coming then doesn't..the money takes 3 business days at the least to go back on my card n the last time it happened I had someone offer to bring me food n I declined bc I said my doordash was on the way!!

I gave the service 2 chances n they failed...I will never use them again!! Ever..period.

User's recommendation: Use another delivery service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Im not buying this story...No way an order will arrive 15mts after placing it unless the place was within a few doors of your place and the driver was already in the place at the same time.

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