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Unbelievable!!! After many, many bad experiences with Doordash, I finally gave up on them.

I went onto my account to delete it and found out that there is no way to do so. I believe that this practice of not allowing a customer to delete their account borders on fraud. I am thinking of calling a lawyer to see if a class action suit could be waged to put this company out of business. I am sure they could collect enough complainants to build a strong case.

I deleted my payment information and what little else I could, but I cannot delete the address on the account. What the *** is that about?

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Account.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I also tried deleting my account after they stiffed me a couple of times with expensive orders. The company make it impossible to their contact customer, as the option on the app and website, is constantly "experiencing problems." I will never conduct business through them again.


I was not able to cancel from the app. I called 855-973-1040 and they cancelled it. After phone call I tried to log in and was not able to.


I also found it a bit odd you can't cancel your order before the dasher is assigned. I went to cancel well before the dasher took the order and I just got a revolving circle telling me "this may take several moments." I tried it 4-5 times before realizing they are doing it on purpose so you either give up or you can't cancel because a Dasher is assigned.

This is some shady practice. I hate this app.


Same here. I can update payment method nothing else.


I am on the other side of the fence. I’m a driver and someone within their company or someone who hacker their system scammed me to steal a pay check.

I caught it in time. They have done little to nothing about it. I’m still trying to get my last paycheck from them and hoping to deactivate my account. If that actually exists.

I do suggest trying to get door dash on the phone and tell them you want to delete your account. They may have to send you an email with the steps to do so like they send emails and links for everything else. No person to person help from this company. It truely sucks and they are an awful company to work for.

No service line for their employees and they don’t treat us with the same urgency they do with customers waiting for food.

Not even for a possible breech in their security. So I feel you about the way they operate and i am also sorry to hear that cause it is ridiculous the way they do business.


I agree I so pissed too They dragging feet Asking *** questions Want to call me No No discussion I want out So stressful I am so pissed


Call this number (855) 973-1040. I just told them to cancel my account and they did..

to Todd #1628237

Thank you for the number! What a pain to cancel!

to Todd #1630298

i just called that number and they deactivated my account immediately. thank you.

to Anonymous #1632095

That number is just an automated recording telling you to go to the website to cancel an order. No live person, and after it gives you the website it hangs up on you.

to Lee #1637941

call at night .. lol youll see why


I was able to remove my address I changed it to Delete Street in Alabama. But I cannot remove my cell number or email address attached to my account.

I also sent an email to customer service asking them to delete my account.

But I'd rather be able to delete my own account without having to go through the added step of having to contact customer support. This is ridiculous.

to Anonymous #1641233

+1 (650) 681-9470 Try this number


I cancelled my credit card attached to doordash. They will no longer be able to charge me, hacked or not.

to Yespat #1609048

how did you manage to delete the card details?I am not able to do so

to Anonymous #1641225

Start making an order and before checkout it asks and there you can delete it. Then just don't continue checkout.

to Yespat #1625048

I wanna know how to cancel it too

to Anonymous #1641264

Start making an order and before checkout it asks and there you can delete it. Then just don't continue checkout.


This company sucks !! I can’t delete my Info either this is ridiculous!!

to Jazmin #1601510

Me neither

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