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Unbelievable!!! After many, many bad experiences with Doordash, I finally gave up on them.

I went onto my account to delete it and found out that there is no way to do so. I believe that this practice of not allowing a customer to delete their account borders on fraud. I am thinking of calling a lawyer to see if a class action suit could be waged to put this company out of business. I am sure they could collect enough complainants to build a strong case.

I deleted my payment information and what little else I could, but I cannot delete the address on the account. What the *** is that about?

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Account.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Anyone able to delete the payment information at least? DoorDash is awe full and insecure to do business with!


I am looking to delete my account as well.


im trying to do the same


We absolutely need to be able to delete our accounts. Their practice of locking people into their system with no way out has to be illegal.


I have been trying to delete my account after a disappointing delivery experience. There seems to be no way to do so.

Help. Anyone?


Same here


I have also had many BAD experiences with Doordash. One of them with the delivery girl, where she had eaten our food.

And this past, LAST experience where the food was not only terrible (not doordash's fault per se) but that part of the order just wasn't delivered. And no reconciliation happened after many attempts on my part. It's one thing to order an incredibly overpriced meal, but to not even receive it burns me up! I am done with this company!

Ive tried for over an hour to delete my account and cannot. My address is stuck, my phone is stuck. I am beyond livid. Had I known my info.

would be permanently "out there" I never would have signed up! Terrible business! Had I been able to just delete my account, nothing would have been said.

If there is a class action, then sign me up! I'm sure holding people's personal info for ransom is fraudulent.

to Doordash is TERRIBLE #1476452

Full disclosure: The Doordash delivery people have always been very nice. We have used them for nearly 2 years but it's been recently that we've had problems with missing items in our order.

And I just got a reply from Doordash Customer Service for a refund on the order where the girl had eaten the wings.

Nothing yet from the missing mexican dish. Wouldn't be a "terrible" company if I could just delete my account without the hassle...

to Doordash is TERRIBLE #1540544

There is a class action on here. The guys name is Josh.

I have been looking for him, if you find him let me know. I lost his email.

You can reach me at 21stcenturyeventsco@gmail.com Good luck. Joey A


Horrible service and people! I placed an order for the first time today.

I placed my order at 12:35pm and was told it would be here at 1:40pm. It was 2:02pm and after looking all over the internet to find their customer service number, I called them and asked them why I still have not received my order. They said they cancelled the order! Why did you know let me know???

You made me wait for over and hour and when I called then you told me the order was cancelled?

I cannot even cancel my account or remove my credit card information! They take your personal information and credit card but does not provide any service.


Yes i have this same issue for months /// so annoying, how do they get away with this.


As of 4/12/18, it does not look like you can delete addresses, anymore, or edit or delete your payment information. I do believe that because of the payment info and not being able to edit all of your account, that it does fall on fraud especially since we were never told that it is a "permanent" account


Just call the help line & ask to deactivate it. I wanted to be a driver and had to put in my ss and everything and got worried so I called and they deactivated it


Same here an address appeared that is not mine on my account. I cannot delete that address or mine.

I cannot delete my account, or credit card information either. I feel like this is a violation of some kind, and there is obvious fraud going on.


I am the restaurant partner with doordash. Every time driver delivery wrong order (driver fault)to customer, this company do not pay restaurant.

The reason driver give customer wrong food from different restaurant, or sometime cannot find customer address.The restaurant should get credit from those order, unfortunately we have to spend time talking to them. They always stated that they will give us credit but no money was deposit to the account.


Hate this company - same experience as everyone else.Horrible, deceptive services.Issued credit rather than refund, you cant keep my money for something ordered, not received, then force me to use your company again.Unable to close account.Unable to post reviews - facebook and suchChecking BBB nowDid someone mention lawsuit? Let's do it !!


I'm right there with you. Tried being a driver and ended up getting a promotion at my job.

They called me everyday for 3 weeks. They charged me for text messages and won't let me delete my account.


Don't use DoorDash. If the driver brings the wrong delivery there is nothing you can do about.

No one to call to remedy the situation. Your stuck with the wrong order.

And there is no way to deactivate your account with CC info. Class action lawsuit anyone?


I changed my address to there office address in my state and then deleted my address, I changed my email address to press@doordash.com which is the only email address for them I could locate. I used their California number which I got off there facebook page.

I changed my account name to Account Closed and deleted my credit card. The only thing that shows my address is the one and only order I placed. This company is a scam!!!!!

They won't allow you to close the account, have no way to contact them, and if you noticed on their site and even Facebook page reviews are not able to be posted to hide these issues from other customers. If you do a class action lawsuit I would be in all the way.


How did you delete your CCIt wont let me remove my CC or Google Pay ?!

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