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Unbelievable!!! After many, many bad experiences with Doordash, I finally gave up on them.

I went onto my account to delete it and found out that there is no way to do so. I believe that this practice of not allowing a customer to delete their account borders on fraud. I am thinking of calling a lawyer to see if a class action suit could be waged to put this company out of business. I am sure they could collect enough complainants to build a strong case.

I deleted my payment information and what little else I could, but I cannot delete the address on the account. What the *** is that about?

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Account.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Try being a business! We have our own delivery people and doordash refuses to remove their link on our Google page.

We never signed up with them or got anything from them. Except unhappy customers that we cant help because they used an unauthorized third party.


It was easy to delete cc info. Thanks to the posters below for providing Customer Service number so I could delete my account.

I was a huge fan of DoorDash, ordering through their service multiple times until the last time. I made a regular order. It was curious that the Dasher completely disappeared from the tracker, then only reappeared when they were right outside the door. When I opened it...there was a child delivering my food with what I could only assume was the parent/Dasher recording the whole thing without my consent.

It was only after that that I began questioning the amount of privacy and data I'd exchanged just for simplicity in saving time. In the FAQ area, it was hard to differentiate where I was rating either the restaurant (which I love) or the Dasher (questionable in dashing).

Their only response was to give me credits. They seem to have updated their FAQs to include updating cc info, but still had to google to find the customer service number here.


I followed the instructions below to delete my cc info and then called the number below right after to deactivate my account. Went smoothly with no trouble at all.

I just told them I didn’t want to use them anymore and that I would feel more comfortable deleting my personal information. Thanks for the suggestions!

to Roxy #1565725

What were the instructions to deleting the cc info? I want to do the same.


Was doing some bills and stumbled upon someone actively making 50-100 dollar charges on my door dash account. Immediately called bank & suspended account / am getting reimbursed for the charges by the bank.

Logged into door dash (guy changed login info so took a minute to regain my own account) and deleted saved payment info that I never opted to save (pretty sure app I used automatically saved it, way to go devs!).

On the line with Doordash right now hoping they're professional enough to cancel account and refund my about ~$300 worth of deliveries across the States. I honestly wouldn't mind if I knew for sure some people got fed, but the phone numbers were fake so I couldn't check.

to Anonymous #1543429

Hi - I wanted to deactivate my account but unable to, I wanted then to delete saved payment info but have no idea how to find that. Can you instruct how you did it? Thank in advance.


everything about them is a fraud/ripoff!!!


Yes, Doordash sucks, evidently they have the right to cancel your order if they show up too early to pick it up and they are not obligated to notify either the restaurant you ordered from or you, the customer. Their service sucks.


INSTRUCTIONS BELOW TO DELETE CREDIT CARD INFO ON YOUR OWNEveryone is right- Doordash is a total scam. I was never able to order at all because it claimed that every credit card I entered was denied (although they all had huge available balances).

I was trying to use the website through Safari on my iPhone, not the app. Like others who have posted here, the website (on my phone) would not allow me to delete my CC info. I just called the support number others mentioned (THANK YOU FOR THAT, because the support number DOESN'T EXIST on the website, and support emails get denied) (855-973-1040), and THANKFULLY, the guy was able to talk me through deleting credit card info. That said, I had to do it on the web on my laptop, not my iPhone.>Log in to your account.>Go to the main page and click on any restaurant.>Add something to your cart.>Once there is something in your cart, a large red button (NOT the one with the cart) will appear off to the right hand side that says "Place Order".

Click "Place Order".>Scroll down to the "Payment" section (between the "Time" and "Summary" sections.>Below "Payment", click "Change/Add".>Your stored credit card information will appear. Click on the "X" to the right of each credit card.>After clicking the "X", you will be asked to confirm whether or not you want to delete that card.I repeated the process for all of my cards. I then closed the window, opened another in DoorDash and followed the entire process again (log into customer account, click on a restaurant, added a meal, click "Purchase", go to "Payment" section, click "Change/Add") to verify that my credit card info was still gone.I would still like to delete my entire account, but haven't figured it out yet.

Perhaps I will try to just change the name to a fake name. Unbelievable that the DoorDash app has so many positive reviews because they are JUNK.Anyway, hope this helps to at least get your credit info deleted.

to Anonymous #1524740

I was able to delete my card info thanks to your help. I specifically am wary about saving card info on anything and I never do.

I didn't realize at the time that the app saved my card info even though I did not opt to do so.

At the time I was doing bills and luckily I caught onto someone who hacked my account, changed the email and ordered like 6 different things across the states. This company is cancer, if anyone figures out how to delete account please post.

to Anonymous #1538565

Thanks for posting. I just deleted my CC from their site.

to Anonymous #1544410

Thank you! it was able to delete my card details based on this

to Anonymous #1569323

Thanks so much for this. You're a lifesaver!!

to Anonymous #1590140

I tried the above instructions and once I hit place order - the order had been submitted on my card already on file! I was so mad.

I jumped on the phone to call the restaurant and told them to NOT PUT THAT ORDER THROUGH!

(They were nice and said not to worry) I called the customer support number, thankfully i got off of this website and they said they would deactivate my account which would delete all my information. I'll definitely be checking my bank account info closely for a while.

to Anonymous #1591131

thanks for your help, you're doing the Lord's work :)

to Anonymous #1609281

Thank you so much

to Anonymous #1614840

Thank you SO much for posting this!!!! I just had someone randomly *** my account after using DoorDash for months w/o problem.

Within minutes (thankfully I was signed in on my device already), I saw this individual had an order prepared for $100+ to an Address I've never been to before. I immediately found this site after some quick google searches, and proceeded to both delete the cards from my account, change my account password, and then call the number above and requested formally that my account be both deactivated (this is default procedure), as well as all information associated with my account purged from their databases (we'll see if they actually follow up on this).

I will never again use this service. The fact that someone was able to so quickly access my account & there is no 2-factor authentication to help secure my information, I simply don't want to risk dealing with this again; I'll suffer with being not-lazy and find alternative delivery services if need be, but no more DoorDash for me.


It is interesting that customers cannot delete their accounts, while dashers (delivery drivers) get their accounts deleted or deactivated for no reason..This has happened to me and many many others if you just look online...On top of that this company steals drivers tips.. out of the tips given to a driver, they take a portion of it and count it toward the standard delivery rate..I bet customers assume that drivers get 100% if the tip hey are giving them, but no..

they don’t receive it.. their “new pay model” takes a portion of this.

But if another driver does not receive a tip (the amount the company believes they should as standard) they meet that requirement..So basically they are taking tips from drivers who earned or received them and handing a portion of that to drivers who didn’t receive any..That last part is what I was explained recently.The first part is definitely true however.. that they take the tips of their drivers.


That helps. I am going to call. I just tried to delete my account and went in circles.


6/20/18 I did call the phone number listed (855-973-1040) below and the Customer Service Dept. removed 2x payment cards immediately ... hope this helps out others needing to do so, too ...

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