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We made a order through this app in Houston ,Texas from 77040 zip code , from a Popeyes restaurant , the order was estimated 20-35 min , so we waited and waited and finally after waiting a hour we were able to contact the delivery driver via cell phone , his name was Mario, order This pertains to a order amount of 43.57 includes tip we added, well the delivery driver said something along the lines that he hadnt picked up our food and that he didnt care if it was cold as we told him we no longer wanted it , he then said I dont care with attitude I still get paid and hung up the phone, we emailed yall and yall said that were not going to issue a refund cause food was already made , well sorry but we never got food and your driver was extremely rude after waiting a hour and this being hung up on. We didnt know what else to do so we contacted yall. If this money isnt refunded by tomm we will have to call the credit card / bank to issue a charge back as were not responsible for your drivers lack of assigning himself to many orders and not able to fulfill them in the time the customers ( us) had expected, and then to be rude and not even apologize and hang up is the icing on the cake as I will no longer use your service and my father who owns star pizza in Houston Ill let him know how yall drivers treat customers maybe this is why our sales through DoorDash have been down when all other delivery services we use are up !!

User's recommendation: Nothing.

Monetary Loss: $44.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

DOORDASH Pros: Customer support agent.

DOORDASH Cons: Zero refunds, Delivery was 1 hr late, Employees.

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We cancelled the order , after the driver said he wouldn’t bring it because he was still getting paid regardless he said in the most rudest way to talk to a hungry customer ,and he said the reason was he was in downtown which at this time was 1 hour and 5 minutes since first placing order ,which made no sense as the Popeyes was only 2 miles from our house so why wouldn’t another dasher be assigned this order ??


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