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I order 2 thing from doordash before 5:00PM. One of my orders, KFC, came early.

The one one was from Taco Bell and I just order a frozen drink. It took a LONG time to get here for just 1 thing that I ordered. So finally after an half an hour, like around 5:44, when my order was supposed to get here 12 minuets after I ordered it, it came. Not only was he REALLY late, but the drink was mostly melted.

I get my drink, I say thank you and I put my on the counter and when I did 2 cigarettes buds come off of the bottom. Mind you, NOBODY in my family smokes or have cigarette laying around. I would like a refund for my money or something because, 1.) I paid 12 dollars for this for it just to be melted.

2.) he took FOREVER to get here and 3.) There were random disgusting cigarette buds on the bottom of my cup and that's not only gross but a safety hazard as well. Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Lmfao bro you can just get off your *** and get your drink yourself! Or better yet order from a REAL restaurant that accept delivery! Really think Doordash needs to stop accepting orders for one *** item on the menu.