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Partial refund and door dash credit

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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I ordered food from DoorDash @ KFC I spend over $51.96 and the first dasher took over 2 hours so they refunded me 15 dollars in credit and told me another dasher is on there way and should be there within 45 to 50 minutes, she even called my dasher and had me talk to her but time went by and I waited another two hours just to come to find out that my dasher ate my food which is disturbing because COVID-19 is going around and people have the audacity to eat someone’s food that they paid for at least if you ate it keep the food , people are really sick for eating the food when there are children about to eat it, than I called door dash to file a complaint and asked for my money back the customer service guy Steven (216718****) I think is his badge number because that’s what he had said it was when I asked for his badge # he even asked if I wanted to order something else but I didn’t want to because I was traumatized by my order the first time . He refused to give me back my money he even at one paint said I only spent $45 how is that possible when I screenshot how much I spent and what I ordered and tried to say that it isn’t refundable that I can only get it all back in dasher credit and said I can only get back 14 dollars when I payed $51.96 on the food and Steven (216718****) was very unprofessional I’m not even sure if he had given me the right badge number he was very rude in my opinion I tried to talk to him and tell him my problem but he seemed not to care I called again today because I still haven’t gotten my refund nor my credit I was told I would get I called and the first guy who had answered ignored me and I think put me on mute he was not professional and was not taking me serious , I called back and got ahold of a lady who was very kind and took her time out the day to help me get everything situated but before I got ahold of anyone when I called it wouldn’t go through as if I was blocked because when I had called off as a dasher it went through and took me to an employee , I just feel like this is very unprofessional and disrespectful and disturbing I have videos of proof that my food was eaten and proof of the disrespectful customer service I received today and Sunday an Monday night , DO NOT ORDER FOOD OFF OF DOORDASH UNLESS YOU WANT TO TAKE THE RISK OF GETTING COVID because these dashers don’t care about anyone’s wellbeing nor help. I am Mary.mobley77@***.com I am very upset because what if my siblings would have ate the food and at the time I was on my way to work I am very greatful that I was there to see the disrespect before the kids had got the food and ate it before I left .

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