I ordered my food around 6:10 pm and it didn't arrive until 8 pm ...it was suppose to arrive at 7:11 pm ...the food was ice cold ...the salad was wilted and warm it obviously had been sitting in with the hot food when it was first cooked and still hot ...I didn't even attempt to reheat it bcuz clearly it sat for most of that 2 hours I waited and I didn't trust it was safe to eat at that point ...also when I've ordered from other restaurants they wrap and seal the food well ..this food was tossed sloppily into the bag ...all in all for as pricey as this service is I expect the utmost quality and care especially during times like this with Coronavirus so rampant and Door Dash failed to provide the service they promise ..I will not use Door Dash ever again ....!!!!

User's recommendation: Don't waste ur money ...dispicable service ...!!!

Location: Essex, Maryland

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