On Saturday, September 5th, my father was being loaded into an ambulance for transport to the hospital due to a medical emergency. One of your drivers named Stephanie was delivering to my father's neighbor.

The delivery time was 9:45 AM and the address of the delivery was 5517 Brown Street Hope Mills, NC. Your driver was clearly agitated because the emergency vehicle had the road blocked and she could not get around. She proceeded to drive very recklessly through my parents front lawn nearly hitting one of the paramedics and my Mom. She yelled out the window, and I quote " I know you all have some s--- going on but, I have a d--- job to do.

She nearly hit my car and drove one house up and delivered the food. By this time, the ambulance had already left so she turned around and sped very recklessly back down the street. This is a very narrow street and she could have hurt someone. Your customer, whom she delivered to gave me her name from your app.

She was delivering food from the McDonalds in Hope Mills. I have filed a police report for trespassing and the police department advised me to contact you as well. I am currently waiting for a return call from my attorney. His office advised me to notify Doordash of the situation by email.I work in a hospital with approximately 4000 employees and we all use your service but, I was totally unaware that such people were employed by you.

I understand that getting food to your customers is important but, not more important than someone's life. Incidentally, the street my father lives on is a circle and she could have simply went around. Your customer stated to me that she told the driver before the delivery that there was an ambulance blocking the street and she should come in the other entrance. I will seek all legal remedies availabe to me.

Thank you for your time. I just wanted to have this complaint in writing.

User's recommendation: Drivers need better screening.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Troutman, North Carolina

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