Was told my dasher direct card was coming in 5-10 business days and it never shows up 13 business days after the fact. I cancelled and order a new one and that *** up my payment method!

With no warning or any type of alert that it would switch my personal settings without any notification what so ever just changed my payment method and now I have no money and and a bill due, and on top of that theres a COVID delay on my card coming in the mail AND you guys knowing this said nothing about it!! I was notified by a customer support person about the delay. So when my card was first ordered this company lied about the time and didnt say anything about the COVID thing that YOU GUYS ALREADY *** KNEW ABOUT!!

STOP LYING TO YOUR EMOYEES !!! thats why it took more than 10 business days so I cancelled mt card for no *** reason!!!

User's recommendation: USE UBER EATS.

Location: Gilbert, Arizona

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