I am a delivery doordash driver but also customer and I have had many problems with their customer service being terrible the people not listening and not resolving my issue. My account got deactivated and no one can tell me why not how to reactive it.

Every time I tell them which account got deactivated which is my actual dasher account which they call consumer account they tell me that the other one is still activated. Which I already know Im tryin to talk to someone who can help. I have had problems with not getting the text message to confirm my account and then not be able to use it because of it, have lost money from then for taking in orders and then taking out too much money and refunding only partial of the whole amount they owe and now its this.

Im literally unemployed from corona virus still and doordash was the only way to make ends meet with money until I get a real job again, and they took that away from me for no reason nor explanation and each time I try to figure out whats wrong with it they tell me the same crap and I dont get a answer nor solution. If there is anything you could do to help let me know.

User's recommendation: Don’t use door dash because if you have a problem come up they really don’t care at all.

Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

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