i been waiting for my food and they guy wont answer the call the food still wasnt picked up and it 3 blocks down and this is crazy and on another note i really dont use this app bc u got a bunch of trash *** who dash and dont do there jobs right ir steal people food or u get it cold or people use fake accounts like under age people i rather use uber eat or grub hun *** i dont know why my baby dad or son waste there time with use bc they dont make money

everything on ur site

lies who want to do a 3 dollar order not anybody who normal mayne a *** nit nonody in there right mind would i mean u have child molester

workong for u what if a kid opens the door amd a giy trys something bc his parent are not home that crazy

User's recommendation: so better backround checks and watch who u hire bc its crazy.

Preferred solution: do back round checks better.

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