Floral Park, New York
Not resolved

The dash app will not let me start dashing. When I try and click dash now an error message pops up and won’t allow to me continue.

Also my rating dropped tremendously; I believe had to do with an order I accepted while I was in the middle of an other order. I was in Shake shack and an order came up because it was in route. I could except it and earn extra bucks but when I was in the process of delivering the first order the second order I believe was not too happy because I was going not in the direction because I had to wait till I finish the delivery of the first order.

I’m sure she was not too happy when I did reach out to her I texted her and told her the situation but I’m sure she was upset because it took a little longer than it should of. There definitely needs to be a way to change that double order in route because if it’s going to take extra time to get to the opposite direction then it shouldn’t have came up on my dash.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Dasher Mobile Application.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

DOORDASH Cons: App sometimes has issues.

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