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On May 28th at approximately 3:30 pm I was delivering for Doordash and had just completed my 199th delivery. I had a deadline to complete 200 deliveries that night by 11:59 pm.

At approximately 4:15 pm I received an error on the dasher app. I tried logging off and logging back in but there was still the same error. I called Doordash driver services and they walked me through troubleshooting but the error still popped up after i logged in. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app to no avail.

I took a screenshot of the error message and sent it to support. It was now 6pm and the problem still persisted. I tried loggging in every 15 minutes and still the same error. I called driver support again and they assured me technicians were working to fix the problem.

I explained to them that I had only one delivery to make by my deadline. I checked at 9pm then again at 10pm. At this time I begin to panick because it is reaching the deadline. I called driver support again.

They couldn't offer a solution but they said I would be sure to be compensated for bonus id the app didnt go back up. By the end of the night the error message remained. I was devastated. The next morning I tried logging in and still the same error.

I called support and they said that others had experienced the same. At approximately 11 am 5/29 i received an email from support stating that it was a known outage the day before and had been resolved. I was then able to log in and complete deliveries. I have explained the situation to dozens of Doordash reps that all empathized with me and was all willing to help resolved the issue by giving me the referral bonus I so rightfully earned.

But I only got a form letter stating I did not complete the required deliveries of 200, although I completed 199 and could not complete my last delivery due to the app outage. I have requested my incentive for completing the 200 deliveries and the bonus my friend should get for the referral bonus of $500. Attached are the emails I received admitting that there was an outage.

Also the screen shot with the error message and the time stamp in the right upper corner. Please review my account and give the referral bonus ASAP.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Referral Program.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I firmly believe they did this to you on purpose in order to avoid paying that bonus. There was no outage, they can disconnect your login. They've done it to me.


Same here.