dasher arrived at location, the app said he was waiting for order. after about ten minutes I texted him to see what was up.

no response. waited another ten minutes. the app said the food was arriving in five minutes so I was like okay maybe its a glitch in the system and he's driving. still waiting.

0 minutes til food arrives, then it jumps up to 40 and im like ??? so ii tried to contact him again. nothing. says he is waiting for food.

I called him. nothing. then I get a text that says his number has been disconnected so I contact door dash support. they beat around the bush for a while before sending another dasher to the food.

call me back and say another dasher has already picked up the food so they dont know what to say. Im like okay then where is he? hes not on my app? and they were like yeah we dont know either.

I asked for a full refund, confirming that the refund would go back to my debit card. confirmed that one twice be cause this is not the first issue I have had with doordash. so okay, refund on debit card. We hang up, and bam, the refund went to credit on my account.

by this point I was just so irritated....I had to call back again and ask for the refund to go to my debit card, again, and did not hang up until I saw that refund on my account. I should not have had to deal with that for nothing, it was annoying

User's recommendation: Use über eats.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Vehicle Driver.

Location: San Jose, California

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