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I have been using Door dash for over a year with no problem when all of a sudden my account was deactivated with no warning. When I contacted Door Dash They said it was for a violation in terms.

When I asked what terms I violated they refused to give specifics only stated again that my account was deactivated for violation of terms. Only what terms could I have violated. I ordered, paid promptly and that was it. I've never had a problem with this or any other food app before.

I then called in to the customer service number and they told me that I should have been warned ahead of time but I wasn't and when asked who I need to peak to appeal the decision to deactivate my account they said there was no one that the "investigative team" investigates automatically and send findings to escalation team who should contact us via phone or email. Neither of which happened. So outside of that mysterious process that never occurred, there is nothing I can do and no one I can appeal the decision to. That is a ridiculous way of doing business.

I ordered food anywhere from 2 to 5 days a week with orders ranging from 15 to 50 dollars (average of about 25 dollars). Over one year I probably spent

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Account.

Reason of review: deactivation of customer account.

Preferred solution: reactivation of account.

DoorDash Cons: Customer account was deactivated with warning.

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  • No Appeal Process
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Exact thing happened to me yesterday. Same copy and paste responses.

Not even an email notice of deactivation. Go to order my food, Deactivated. They won’t give a reason for it either. Anyone try to make a new account?

I’m honestly over DoorDash now... too expensive and terrible customer service.


Same thing happened to me


I have tried to make other accounts but they always immediately deactivate it


Door dash is garbage. They only require a 70% completion rate on orders.

That means 30% of the time you’ll never get your food and they’ll keep the money.

Try Grub Hub. DD actually did you a favor by deactivating you.


Unfortunately this person who wrote this comment has no idea what he's talking about. If their completion rate is 70% that does not mean 30 of the orders out of the hundred weren't delivered and the money was taken.

You get a lower completion rate if your order is reassigned due to an emergency or you decide you didn't want to do that delivery anymore. Also sometimes you accidentally hit the button because the app glitches so you go back and reassign the order because it's way too far.

There's tons of reasons why the order would be reassigned. I understand you're upset but don't make up stuff that you have no idea what you're talking about


This just happened to me too!!! I have been using for months since I work from home and do not have a car at the moment.

The last dasher took about an hour and a half to deliver our order from Chick Fil A which was less than 5 miles away. I watched her on the map leave and go way out of her way (about 15 miles). When I told her she was going the wrong way, she told me she had to deliver another customers order. This made our food cold by the time it finally got to us.

I made a complaint and never heard anything back. When I went to order again, my account was deactivated. I have always been a loyal paying and tipping customer. When I asked them why.

They also said i violated their terms. Well I read through their entire terms and I didn’t violate a single term. I asked the same customer service person what was it I violated. He simply responded with the same answer and did not explain what I did wrong or what term I violated.

I called customer service this evening and the guy I spoke with told me he would reach out to the team that handles the deactivations and they would get back to me with an answer within 48-72 hours. Why do they keep deactivating customer accounts? Are they not making enough money from us??? They jack up their prices and charge service fees and they are extremely popular.

I do not understand what the problem is and have never had any issue like this in my life.

It’s so bizarre!! If they don’t give me an answer this time, I will boycott their company and give my money to Postmates, Uber Eats, Grub Hub or any other company who would gladly take my money.


That’s messed up


This JUST happened to me. I use Doordash at work ALL THE TIME.

My payments have never declined or anything.

I always tip the driver. They will not give me and exact reason either.


I am experiencing the same thing. This isn’t right.


Time to learn to cook. It requires preparation ; you must pick your on groceries, get them home, put them away, prepare the food, wash the dishes.

But you'll eat better and it ill cost less.

I can't imagine waiting for delivery food which will likely be 45 minutes to an hour old / cold after some stranger (possibly ill) has handled it and put it in their car (where they do heaven only knows what else) and pay extra for the privilege. Laziest concept I've ever heard of so I'm not surprised that it's popular.


I don’t have a car at the moment so this is a convenience for me and my daughter. I get some people are lazy but got to think of other people out there who either may not have a car or is disabled.


Honestly, if all you eat is DoorDash, with the amount you’re probably spending on food delivery fees in a month you could probably be making a car payment instead.


So you would order food after you think that people would be touching your food to me you're *** stupid. If no common sense you're upset about something so you're making up *** I just don't see how you think that someone is ill and touching your food but you still use the company. Or did you just think that after you got upset in your account got deactivated