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Update by user May 28, 2015

Recently, it has come to my attention that DoorDash employees/founders have been posting 5/5 star ratings on review sites including Google +, The Apple Store, and the Android app site.

DoorDash, led by CEO Tony Xu, is also taking advantage of its workers. The drivers are independent contractors, who don’t receive any reimbursements for gas, car wear & tear, parking/toll fees, cancelled orders, and/or phone data plan usage.

DoorDash drivers don’t get any comprehensive auto insurance coverage, overtime pay, stipends to tip restaurant workers, sick leave, vacation days, health insurance, disability insurance, retirement, unemployment compensation, and/or family/medical leave.

Independent contractors are also required to pay self-employment taxes on earnings.

Considering these costs, a wage of close to $10/hour (including tips) can turn into much less than minimum wage.

As if that weren’t enough, DoorDash has also stolen pictures for its advertising campaigns. Please ask yourself if you really want to support a company engaged in such unethical behavior, and trust them with handling your food.

Update by user Mar 26, 2015

There have been reports that DoorDash has been using restaurant logos & re-selling food without the restaurant's permission.

Original review posted by user Mar 24, 2015

Delightful Delivery?! More like Deceptive Delivery! These guys jack up the prices on their menu items, while making it appear like they are the restaurants' actual prices.

There are no disclaimers on the app that the prices are different, and the only evasive mention of the practice is hidden in their web site FAQs. You would have thought their Ivy League founders could have come up with something more original than common fraud!

Don't be fooled by the quoted delivery fee. It comes out to a lot more once you add on each menu item mark-up, which makes it a scam.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Thank you for understanding how we feel as drivers:

I posted this here as a review also on the site:

DoorDash Abuse of Drivers - A response to a pissed customer - The truth about Driving for DoorDash

Drivers are also not allowed to check the containers, they are only allowed to deliver what is given to then and thats it. Second DoorDash is a middle man, with an app service and a call center.

They don't prepare the food, they just provide a service, to deliver the food. They are based in California with a call center that calls in your orders. As a matter of fact most orders are screwed up though the call center first and then at the restaurant second. The driver has nothing to do with that at all.

Most restaurants don't have a clue DoorDash even placed an order because DoorDash uses some very unethical practices, one of them being: listing restaurants which they have no working relationship with or agreement at all in there app.

Two calling in under your name or an assumed name. They don't even want most drivers to say they are from DoorDash if the order is from a non partner restaurant and that just the beginning of the shadiness. Such as price hikes, very little screening most drivers, stealing wages, penalizing drivers for app based malfunctions, ect, ect, ect. The list is very long.

I wont even get into how horrible the Dasher app is for the drivers.

The many issues of missing pay when you only get 5 dollars a delivery and make less that min wage ( for the record we don't get 100% of the tips if you only get one or two order per hour: $5 + 10% tip of a $10 order = $6 per hour less than min wage). The false advertisement of tips when you only get a 1 dollar tip after being told to go 20 miles out the way to pick up a 10 dollar order will take an hour. Even if you are lucky to be in a Zone or market (which aren't many) where you get a base min of $10 + tips it still doesn't happen because they include the tip as part of the base to make it $10 ($5 +$1 tip= $6+$4 extra pay = $10 notice the tip is no longer a tip its calculated as part of the base it should be $11). So in actuality they stole the tip from you.

Plus the fact that the order was never placed or ready when you get there, but yet a driver is supposed to get it to the customer within an hour and its 20 miles back in the other direction across the city, which isn't even in your designated Dash Zone. So if you think you have problems with customer support, get in line.... There are literally hundreds to now thousands of drivers still waiting to hear from support about missing pay, missing hours, and horrible support service and most of all a driver Dasher app so unusable, that a five year old could design one better than ( Which by the way the app doesn't even include any of the features it claims to help driver.

It all more false claims by DoorDash. There is now a large group of drivers coming out to expose DoorDash for the crooks they really are and banning together for a class action suite. So consider your self lucky your only missing two items and got a coupon.

It's a whole lot better than missing two week worth of wages, from a DoorDash Just google DoorDash Driver Complaints. Employee Complaints or In and Out Burger Sues DoorDash, just for a start.


Rip Off Business! (ROB)...

They intentionally do not even have any way to contact them. My young daughter calls them, they charging my credit card number, without my permission, over one month, $258 dollars for Subway!

Can you say $28.00 sub!

Interesting that their website is immune to any outside contact. I hope that they get seen by who they are.



You guys are idiots... its called a business.

Businesses have overheads, that is why there are margins, they're not going to offer a service at a loss to them... its their job too

You want food on demand without having to go pick it up? Pay for the convenience.. if you don't want to pay for the convenience, then go pick it up yourself.

As goes for the contractors/deliverers...

they don't have to meet KPI's, they can work when they want, they can leave whenever they want.. you can't really expect a huge wage from a job with freedom like that.


The objection is not about the specific prices but the fact that they are HIDING it.

How about put the true price of each item and their markup clearly so customers can decide whether the service is worth it or we should use a competitor or pickup the order ourselves?

This is a classic scam!


Actually that IS disclosed...

This is where due diligence comes into play.

If you're unsure what due diligence involves and who's responsible for it, I suggest a dictionary.


Sounds like somebody works for DoorDash. What actual customer wants to feel ripped off or have to spend time to dig/research (i.e., do their due diligence) just to figure how much they are getting ripped off by in this scenario?

Shady business practice. I foresee failure for this business.


You probably spend all day at the Walmart customer service center, demanding wholesale price lists from the cashier, then becoming enraged and emotional, demanding rebates and refunds because you weren't made aware of the profit margins...then you spend all night online whining across the internet for freebies as compensation for how victimized and scammed you feel...


I quit using doordash after one order after I noticed how bad the menu prices are inflated. I would honestly put up with a small markup for the sake of getting delivery from my favorite Thai place but this is just greedy.

Also I noticed at least one place on there there has their own free delivery.


hi doordash

i want to work for doordash in birdsboro,pa or reading,pa or pottstown,pa