A woman delivered my groceries and reeked of cheap perfume. Everything she touched had her scent on it.

It stunk up the house so bad every bag had to be thrown away.

I had put a vegetable bag with apples and a separate one with nectarines into my refrigerator door. I pulled them out last night it was her all Over again.

The worst thing about my transaction was that this is supposed to be contact less and she made me sign On her phone and one signature didnt go through the first time I had to do it a second time.

Per Walmart I dont need to sign.

I checked off the box for leave at front door And Ring Bell.

If I am going to have to have contact with the driver I may as well go to the store myself

Also, this took place last Friday so tomorrow will be one week and I have still never spoken to anyone on the phone. You have to send emails and all of this garbage to try to speak to someone

Terrible customer service

User's recommendation: Try Instacart.

Location: El Mirage, Arizona

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