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Tuesday night, yes we called door dash and talked to two different people. Door dash Claims out of four credit cards with 4 different banks that our banks declined the cards due to high risk.

We find it hard to believe that 4 different banks declined the cards. We were able to use one of the cards on an order after doordash declined. We feel this error is door dash not out banks.

If you want our business, as we have used you many times in the past, check our orders, you need to correct your system. Plus you need more English speaking employees who understand English Xxxxxx {{Redacted}}

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Declined 3 cards, called bank and they said it never ran on their end! Guess im done with door idiots!


I can't even enter my credit card with DD. On to another "service."


Same here. Grub hub is always ready and willing to take my money. Lol


Same here tried to order had kids excited for their meal and didn’t accept my card said declined. Called bank no issues on my end.

Went to Grubhub instead used same card. Lost business never again will go to doordash

@Jessica R

mine was declined today too


March 17, mine was declined too. Called the bank, have over 18,000 in my account. Bye doordash!


They would not take any of my 3 credit cards today. Called but no one could help.

It’s not my credit cards it’s their App. I called a place directly for delivery and my card worked fine.


I have had the same problem and have a $26.78 door dash credits. Im calling my bank and claiming fraud in order to get my money back.

Their customer service is horrible. I will not order from door dash again either. They left me with three kids excited to receive their ihop order.

Instead, being exhausted and tired I had to throw together last minute meals for them. Very disappointing!!


Same issue had to use a 3rd card. Will not be using this service again.


Nov 25, 2018 Same issue, both with Visa/debit and traditional CC. Was a 1st time user.

Done with DoorDash. btw...used same card to pay in person.


Same issue here. Tried 4 cards and nothing works. Very annoying and they are going to lose my business


Same thing happened to me. I called my bank and they don't see any errors. So it's definitely a door dash issue.


I've had two cards declined. The app has so many options for food, but if I can't use my card, no use using the app.


Having same issues!!! Seriously very annoying!! I’ve tried four different cards!!


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