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Today I ordered food from IHOP through DoorDash for my family of 4 along with my Parent's who are quarantined with us, this order was $81.00. We had been waiting for 45 minutes when I received a text that said "your DoorDash order has been cancelled." I immediately called IHOP to which they said our order has been filled and was sitting there waiting to be picked up and that I needed to contact DoorDash.

So, I tried to call DoorDash & they are not accepting calls unless you are a restaurant, but I could talk to someone through Chat...ugh So, it took about 10 minutes to get ahold of a representative through Chat & they said that my order was cancelled because the Dasher reported that IHOP was closed. I assure them that it was NOT closed and I'd like for that Dasher to go back and pick up our food. DoorDash said they can't do that and that I'd have to reorder the food for them to send a Dasher....WTF?!? I asked "why," to which they never answered me back and told me that this is the way it has to work.

I told them I was not going to reorder an $81.00 order until I received my money back. They said they did send it back, to which I then contacted my bank and they said they did not see it back in my account yet. So, I called IHOP back to see if I could come pick my food up, to which they wouldn't let me because they get paid for it from DoorDash. So, I contact DoorDash again via Chat (meanwhile we are all starving & our food has been sitting there for over an hour at this point).

They say they can DoorDash credit me the $81.00 so that I can reorder the food. I say okay, we will try that, but when I go to look at my DoorDash credit, they only credited me $5.00 back...again WTF?!? So, I contact DoorDash via chat again, they say okay sorry for the trouble we will put in a reorder for you and refund your money. I say great...lets do it.

10 minutes later, I call IHOP again to see if they had received the reorder; they say nothing came through on their end. So, here we go contacting DoorDash via Chat again. They said the order was put in, but that I cancelled, no, no I didn't, 1. why would I and 2.

I don't even know how to do that! They say they don't know how it happened but it's showing that I cancelled it. Anyway, by this time it's been 2 hours, IHOP closes at 5:00pm and it's 4:50pm. I ask the DoorDash person if they can just call IHOP get it worked out so that I can just go pick our food up.

DoorDash says yes, I will do that. DoorDash gets back to me that they called but the only way I can receive my food is if I reorder from them again...WHAT?!? I call IHOP to make sure this is true and the Manager says "yes DoorDash called, but I still can't give you your food because it isn't paid for and DoorDash said there was nothing they could do about it and oh btw we are closing in 5 minutes." I said, well can I just come pick up our food, my kids (who are 9 & 12 btw) are so hungry & was looking forward to your pancakes. The Manager at IHOP said sorry we can't release the food to you now because it has been sitting up here for too long.

So, now we don't have our food, we don't have our $81.00 back, and we are all starving after this 3 hour fiasco!! I'm really upset with DoorDash and on top of that really upset with one of my favorite restaurants, IHOP!!

I thought the customer was always right and I promise I was NOT trying to get a meal for free, I just wanted to order our food, have it delivered and enjoy our evening together. :( NEVER WILL ORDER FROM DOORDASH AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

User's recommendation: NEVER ORDER FROM DOORDASH!

Monetary Loss: $81.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

DOORDASH Pros: Delivery to your door.

DOORDASH Cons: Lack of service & responsibility for the service.

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