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Hello, I am currently a deliverer for Door Dash.

This company has very unprofessional security measures and couldn't care less if they rip you off and take your money.

I expected to wake up with my pay check in my account from doing fast pay. But instead I woke up to a message from Door Dash saying my bank information was changed on my Door Dash account and it said, “if this wasn’t you change your password immediately.”

Sending me a message after the fact someone hacked my account and changed the bank information and received my pay check doesn’t help me.

A huge company that is dealing with people’s money should have a stronger and proper security system that has security questions and sends verification codes to the provided phone number and email of your account during trying to change the info. Not a simple message saying it has been changed giving you no warning but after the fact it’s already been done.

I immediately reached out to a Door Dash payment specialist to report the incident. I sent them all the proof of bank statements and screen shots.

This is a summary of the email I sent them that included all my documented work time and amount of money I (should have) earned.

"I did not get paid for the week of September 10-16th. I worked 22.97 hours and made $361.14. The week of September 17th-23rd I worked 17.23 hours and made $243.66 total. I fast paid on Saturday of that week which up to that point I had made $590.58, which is what should have been deposited right away (the remaining $14.22 was what I made on the Sunday of that week so it wasn’t included in the amount I fast paid which you can see I did receive $14.22 in my bank account).

So, in total I did not receive $590.58 from the dates of September 10th-22nd."

They confirmed that I was hacked and that this can happen occasionally when going through fast pay BUT unfortunately, they could not retrieve the funds back from the scammers account and I should change my password. That is all they were able to do and had to say.

So, I work for Door Dash and put all my time and energy into doing the work and THEY got paid but I receive nothing of the profit they made off of me? Also, not to mention I will be taxed on money I never received?

And I’m not getting paid due to THEIR lack of security measures and through THEIR errors in their fast pay app. I was able to send all documents in and they confirmed I was hacked but this big corporation could do “nothing?” This was a huge amount of money me and my family were depending on for food and bills

I followed their instructions still and changed my password. Today is payment day from this week of work 09/24-10/01 so I went to double check my bank account information to make sure it is mine. I am glad to see I did not do fast pay because again this morning 09/30/2018 the bank information was changed!!! Even after I followed their instructions. So, this is obviously an ongoing issue of hacking that they are not resolving or taking extra measures to protect their workers.

The first email I sent to resolve the issue with Door Dash Payment Specialist was sent 09/23/2018. I filed a complaint on Better Business Bureau on the date of 10/01/2018.

My desired Outcome is that I receive the compensation I rightfully earned because it happened to no fault of my own, but from their lack of security measures through their Fast Pay app. I also want the company to take in consideration to invest in improving their security systems for changing bank information through their apps.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Monetary Loss: $590.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

DoorDash Cons: Blaming drivers for issue in app, Sacmmed, Fast pay, Paycheck practices, Reliability.

  • Account Hacked
  • Horrible Security
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Dashers are paid with the tips!!!! TIP IN CASH OR DO NOT TIP AT ALL! Please spread the word!!!!!!!


It'd be a bad day for doordash if i worked for them, like you did, thinking they'd just email me about not paying me, if they had a office i could drive to. Oklahoma city comes to mind.


I having the same issue. Was you able to resolve this and get your money back.

My money was deposited into someone else account and they keep giving me the run around. Not trying to refund my money


Wow. Your grammar is so terrible. You shouldn't interact with the public, anyway.