I called the number given for dash of direct today in order to speak with someone about inconsistencies with my card and on more than one occasion I was redirected to the number for Uber. Also I was told that my my funds were deposited under a dash of direct card that I have yet to receive.

I proceeded to drive DoorDash today and was later told that my fast pay had been blocked and that the funds that I earned today I was not able to access for up to 7 days.

One of the conveniences of doing DoorDash is being able to work today and in most cases being able to be paid either today or within 24 hours. I leave for a trip on Thursday and was trying to make some extra cash for my trip now I won't be able to receive any of the funds that I worked for until almost 3 days after my trip.

User's recommendation: Personally I would like the option to be able to have my funds deposited directly into my bank account daily.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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