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To whom it may concern:

My name is Colleen Murphy and i live in York, PA. On Tuesday 5/18/2021 at appropriate 7pm i ordered a pizza from a local pizza shop called Memory Lane Pizza.

I ordered it through an app called Menufy and since Memory Lane pizza doesnt have regular delivery drivers they use door dash drivers for their deliveries. I have ordered from them before through the App and all was great until this last time. All i ordered was 1 large pepperoni pizza , thats it! The app alerted me that the driver was on the way to the pizza shop to pick up my order and would arrive at 8:04pm...great...

I only live about 5 minutes from the pizza shop. I could see through the App that my driver had picked up my order and was on her way. At this point she has easily 15 plus minutes to get to me before her set arrival time. Within minutes of the driver leaving the pizza shop i get a phone call...its from Memory Lane Pizza.

A very nice young lady was extremely apologetic and stated that she accidentally gave the wrong order to the driver and she stated the driver literally just left the parking lot but they didnt have a phone number for her and she was wondering if i did and i actually did because it was sent to me so i stated i would call the driver and have her go back. I called the driver from the phone number that she was given for me and she never picked up the phone and her voicemail box was full so i couldnt leave a message. I got her actual number from her voicemail so i shot her a text telling her she was given the wrong order and to please go back to the restaurant. All this happened within a few minutes.

She couldnt of been to far away. I call the pizza place back and tell the girl i sent the driver a text but she never answered my repeated calls and i suggested maybe the pizza shot give her a call maybe she would answer for them. The young girl said she would call me back. A couple minutes later she calls back and told me that the driver did answer the phone but told the pizza shop that she was to far away and she wouldnt be coming back and she had other food to deliver.

The pizza shop worker begged her to come back and even offered to tip her, she said no. So what this driver is now bringing me is an order that is completely not mine and she doesnt seem to care about that fact. The pizza shop employee was very upset and extremely apologetic and had no idea how she could help me. Ive worked in customer service all my life, i totally get it, mistakes happen, she was at least trying to fix it.

I told the employee that we would work this out but in the meantime the DoorDash driver sent me a text back to my original text to her telling me she was running late (no idea why she had plenty of time when she left the store) and that the pizza shop offered me a free pizza and i should call them and she was bringing me the pizza that was given to her. I texted back and told her that i understood she had other orders but i was willing to be patient and if she would please go take care of her other orders and when she was done stop by the pizza shop and give them back the mistake order and get my pizza. I had no problem waiting. She told me no, that she was 2 minutes from my house.

On the other end i have the pizza employee on the phone and i told her that the driver also told me no so i asked the employee i said what exactly did you give her as my order my thoughts were maybe my family and i could just eat the mistake order. The employee told me she gave her....a salad, a ham boat sub, curly fries, and a small pizza which she wasnt sure what was on that particular pizza. I said ok we could probably make that work and i told her Id call her back after the order was dropped off. The driver finally showed up at 8:15, ten minutes later than the set time which Im still not sure how a 5-8 minute drive took her almost a half hour and she rang the doorbell and by the time i could answer it she was almost back to her car.

She just waved and shrugged her shoulders and said call the pizza place they will give you a free one. Then she got in her car (she got in the passenger by the way, someone else was driving) and drove off and when i looked down on the ground where she dropped off my families food all that say there was one small personal size pizza. No salad, no fries, no sub, just a small pizza when i paid for a large. I opened up the pizza and there were so many jalopenos on it my eyes started watering instantly.

I immediately called the pizza shop and i asked the girl again what all i was suppose to get and she repeated the same items and i said well all i got was one small pizza that we can not eat. Apparently the DoorDash driver thought it was her right to KEEP the other items in the mistake order for herself instead of giving them to me who is the one being inconvenienced. I worked things out with the pizza place and got my money back and i then had to drive myself down to memory lane pizza and pick up my pizza and they gave us drinks for free. The restaurant made it right the driver was totally unprofessional and a thief.

Needless to say the driver did not get a tip from me but she did get a nice dinner while i sat with a small pizza with so many jalopenos on it my eyes watered up and so we could not eat. It was almost 8:45 before i got my pizza i ordered at 7pm, and thats on the DoorDash driver, no one else. Is this the kind of people you have working for you and representing your business!?!? I will not use DoorDash ever again until this driver is no longer allowed to deliver food and i will tell anyone i can not to use them either in my area for fear that same driver may deliver their food.

I have her name and phone number and i hope you handle the situation because with the way she acted this wasnt the first time she had done something like this.

I would appreciate is someone could respond back to me as i am extremely upset about this situation. Her name is sonjia and her Phone number is : (717) 962-****.

Thank you for your time

Colleen Murphy

(717) 858-****

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Preferred solution: Apology.

DoorDash Pros: Delivery to home or business.

DoorDash Cons: Unprofessional delivery drivers.

Location: York, Pennsylvania

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