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Worst WORST customer service. They first of all were an hour late delivering my food.

Supposedly the food was remade, but guess what?- I'm feeling extremely nauseous and almost thrown up. My guess- threw it oven to "re-heat." Thanks a lot, jerks. Now back to the customer service. I've been a "wait line" for FOUR hours.

Yes FOUR! Guess how many people were ahead of me when I started? Oh, only 1,200. And that was after being kicked out of the line by the app twice before.

This company sucks. Don't waste your time.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Same problem last night. I started at #1648.

Two hours later, no food, no customer service and finally an email that said thanks for cancelling your order or what not when I never did. Emailed them and still no response. Way too late at that point to get anything other than fast food.

They need to make it up in discounts or the app gets deleted. Still no response though.