I call more than 100 time for just want to get my payment, but i dont know why i Im driving for doordashBut I dont know why I have controlled by one younger she keep me all the dust cheap cheap as he can and then Chi she say she make the problem for me for I have no job so Im bankruptcy now and then she dont want to help me have pay every time my call to 1800 and I meet her she just stry to make my job harder and talk by her language with English same time , i cant understand . So i dont know how she can have job on phone,

And before that i talk with her party at homec she and her friend get high talk and lapping on fone,

Many time she working with talk with her family and her boyfriends when they do something on bed .

I am very need help and get my payment she make me have no job and bankruptcy now , that is all money i have now

Location: Austin, Texas

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