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Absolutely horrible performance. Tried it twice, NEVER again.

First order their system cut off the apartment number, I contacted them and was told it was fine, the driver had it- short story, no he didn't. Second order is now an hour past the given delivery time. Their "Live Status" function doesn't work as it still says the original delivery time... When I contacted them about this AFTER the delivery time, I was (eventually) told that "we had difficulty getting a driver to go to that restaurant, but they had one on the way now"- so, it took my contacting them to bother doing anything about getting a driver on it.

I received (53 minutes after the given delivery time) telling me that my order was just picked up. My order was eventually delivered over 2 hours after the order was placed- ice cold and soggy.

Save your money, find another delivery company

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: poor service resulting in bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $55.

Preferred solution: I would like a full refund, barring that, at a minimum refund the tip, delivery fee, and half the order cost as I had to go out and get replacement food..

DOORDASH Pros: Restaurant selection.

DOORDASH Cons: Customer service and much more, Failed estimated arrival time, I had to call before they bother to get a driver assigned.

Location: Falls Church, Virginia

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Ok....let me be clear. YES!

Why, it does take you calling us to know that there is no dasher on the order!!!! How else do u expect us to know about it?

We don't have a fancy alert system telling us which orders don't have a dasher yet. More times than not, the restaurant is calling us to ask where the dasher is.

@Oseas Gro

Actually, who the *** are you?? If you really worked for Door Dash you would know that they do have a "fancy alert system" that tells you which orders have a dasher - IT'S CALLED THE DASHER & the CUSTOMER APP!!

What a {{Redacted}} retard!!! If dd paid you to respond on here -- WHAT A WASTE OF THEIR MONEY!!!!!


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