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Have had several experiences where the food takes 2-3 times longer than promised, but this time was the absolute worst!The app was saying that the food had been picked up 45 minutes ago and was out for delivery when the restaurant was less than ten minutes away...We finally contacted customer service once it had been in except of an hour and a half past the promised time of delivery.

We got different stories about what had happened from several people in customer service some of which were ludicrous suggesting a driver paid for and stole the food...After all of that, they would not issue a refund, only a credit!

Terrible!!!Mistakes happen but the fact that they blatantly lied several times is absolutely unacceptable!

Review about: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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One thing I know is for sure that if you make a ripoff report about them and enough people do it those can't be removed.They have defended their reports with millions against them and won!

Ripoff report is what no company wants. Try it out. They f'd up my entire order and when I filed a complaint for the 60 bucks I threw down the drain on allergen foods they insulted me with a 1.99 refund and said towards next order??? Wtf?

No if ands or butts about it just jammed it in with no 4 play no soft talk and didn't get wined and dined.

Smh its my agenda to take this company down or put up a competitor that blows them completely out of the water!Mark my words


Sadly, you really don't even have a clue yet.Door dash is infamous for screwing up and doing whatever possible to A) Put additional charges on your credit card hoping you wont notice.

B)If you do notice, they then are hoping you will get sick and tired of the endless circles they put you thru and will finally just give up. C)The real kicker here, is they will go out of their way to 'issue doordash credits' to use on their site, those credits cannot be used on your entire order, but what you still dont know but will find out if you continue to use their service is once they issue you a certain number of 'doordash credits', they system DEACTIVATES you and no matter how much time you waste, there is nothing you can do to get reactivated. Obviously, they do not disclose this to anybody. They push these credits hard, then once your deactivated, you obviously cant use those credits.

This is par for the course with this company. Its also illegal. Lets face it, if they issue you credits due to THEM SCREWING UP, then after so many credits issued, your deactivated and cant use them, they are blaming the customer for their own screw ups that are 100% their fault, and then by deactivating you, they are committing theft, which is a Felony. If you wish to get them back at their own game, do not call your credit card company quite yet.

Keep pushing them to refund the full amount to your credit card, which they will eventually do if you keep at them and dont give...

You'll have repeated issues of different types on 85% of your orders. If you decide to still use their service however, do not accept doordash credits from them. Realistically, they screw up one way or another on most orders. With each screw up, they will push these door dash credits on you.

Pretty soon and considering they screw up most orders, you'll eventually reach the point pretty quickly where due to the doordash credits issued, they will deactivate you and you can kiss those credits goodbye. The main problem with this company is they figure they can keep screwing the little guy and the little guy will eventually just give up. Now, if you were to personally screw over 10 people out of $10, well, thats only $100, and you likely put a good bit of time in to getting that $10 from 10 people. With doordash, just do the math...If they screw 10,000 people out of $10, its quite profitable and worth their time to do so, then take that math and increase the number of people they screw and the amount they are screwing people over, and do the math on 1000,000 people getting screwed out of $100, and so forth and so on.

Personally, I think if they were publicly held instead of private and we could look at their financials, we would likely see numbers that indicate they are operating at a HUGE loss, since most of this would be good will write off's, and the amount they 'gain from screwing people', would not be listed or counted as 'profits'. Yet the numbers would allow us to see they likely making a huge profit by screwing people. However, since they private, guess what? A large % of their info is PUBLIC.

You can see and get info on all the founders, all the executives and best of all you can see all info on every investor and every single penny they have received with all details. And you have every right to contact any and all of these people and explain your grievances. Trust me, whether your an individual investor who only invested a couple million or a large firm that invested multi millions in any company, you would likely be very concerned if you were being contacted by people claiming a company they have invested in is engaging in very deceptive business practices, and quite possibly illegal business practices. I wish more people understood that 'the little guy' has a pretty good amount of 'power to bury the big guy'.

Looking at the number of people and many different ways this company screws people, if everybody contacted the investors, this company would not only be buried, but the founders and execs would have lawsuits coming from every investor. Some of the public info is listed on this thread. All of it is readily available if you choose to look.

As far as their 'penchant for lying', again, this is what they do and I and many others have heard them all.Lies & deceit are how this company makes their money...Good luck.

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