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I am a merchant who has NOT signed on with door dash. However one of their staff keeps calling our pizzeria to place orders.

This is fine if they pay and pick up the pizza as promised. They do not, for the last several weeks we have had a number of pizza orders that were placed by Door Dash person and only to then be cancelled at the last minute saying their customers credit card was declined. Not sure how they work, but whenever we get an order and the customer gives us a credit card it is run and approved within minutes of the transaction. So for them to wait until they are supposed to pick up the pizza to call and cancel is absurd.

This leaves us with a pizza that is cooked and nowhere to go!!! I will not do business with this company any further. I have told my staff that if the call they are to pay up front or do not take their order. I have emailed the support email that is on their website but to be ignored.

Sent 2 emails with no response. This company is not credible and beware if you decide to use them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Oh, how I wish I would have read all the DoorDash reviews before placing not one, but two orders. I figured the first time was just a mistake.

Nope, two days later I still received an incorrect order! Bye DoorDash!



I'm sorry that we have not come through on our end of things. You stated that you are not signed up with us.

Being that you're not a partner, our dashers should be the ones to get the order then come to your store and place the order as if it were their own order. Sounds to me like you actually are/were set up with the phone protocol. Our order placers are the ones who call you to place the order then when the dasher gets there they use the company cc they carry with them to pay for it. As for the customers cc being declined, they pay for their order through the dd website when they choose their items.

Once our system determines that the customers cc isn't able to be charged the order will be cancelled. At that time is when a member of your staff needs to call support and have us pay you over the phone since the food had already been prepared.