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Update by user Oct 24, 2018

They gave me my money back, however I will probably never know what was done about the name calling dasher. People should still have access to this review to see just how horrible of a situation it was.

Original review posted by user Oct 24, 2018

We have used Doordash multiple times and have never had any problems with the drivers. Last night was the WORST customer service I have ever received.

We live in a gated community and usually I have information in the notes for how to get through. I will admit that it was not in there, however that never stops them from using the gate pad and finding my name on their own. Instead I receive a call saying "You didn't put a gate code in the notes. Could you let me in?" I advised her that if she goes back to the call box, she can scroll and find my name and it will call me so I can open the gate.

I also said that I usually put the info on the notes, not sure if I had or not. She proceeded to tell me, full of attitude, "You didn't. If you did, I would have used it already". I told her just to go back to the call box and call me so we could let her in, and I'm sure she heard the frustration in my voice from her giving me an attitude.

She then tells me I can come and get the food from her if I'm going to have an attitude with her and she called me a *** NEVER in my life have I been called such a horrible name from someone in a customer service position. Working customer service since high school, I know better than to be so rude. She then found her way in and called me from her car and said we could come get the food from her. If someone asks us to help them out and come downstairs to get the food, we never have a problem helping them.

This, however, was not something I was willing to do. We were worried that at this point she had spit in our food. My boyfriend went to the patio and saw her sitting in her car messing around on her phone and he heard her saying "come get your motherf**kin' food!" I was appalled and we decided not to even bother talking to her or getting the food. I called customer service and the first gentleman was very helpful in making sure something was done and to refund my food.

I explained that if she sat down their and continued to yell, I was going to call the cops. Another person called right before she left and asked if we received the delivery. I go into detail again to let the second employee know what happened.

She was very helpful as well in making sure I received a refund and that she would file an incident report. I honestly think this is the last time we will use a delivery service like this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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