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I will never use Door dash again. What happened was my family decided to order The Habit on door dash.

About 1 hour later are food had still not arrived and the driver was really rude saying she knocked on our door and waited for 10 minutes but no one answered. That is definitely not possible since I happened to be close enough to the door to hear someone knocking and I also have a dog who barks at anyone who knocks and I heard nothing. So clearly this driver lied to the company she works for. About 4 minutes later I receive a call from the company where they continued giving me a lecture that next time they would not deliver my food.

About 15 minutes later the driver finally arrives and she calls to tell US to come pick up our order instead of coming to our door which I'm guessing is the reason they call it DOOR DASH.

When we go get our order from her she confirms to us that she never even came an inch towards our door saying that the music from the upstairs apartment was too loud which makes absolutely no sense and is irrelevant to anything. All in all, I am never ordering from here and I'm definitely going to let others know not to order from here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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We were using the DoorDash service every week or every other week for the past few months at my job. When submitting office expenses at the end of last month, I noticed a charge from DoorDash on our credit card statement that we didn't have any receipts confirming we'd made such purchase.

I contacted DoorDash several times until someone finally responded and told me to contact my financial institution. I did. When I went to try to log onto my DoorDash account this week, I was unable to because my account had been 'deactived'. When I contacted DoorDash about the deactivation, their response was that I had violated the Terms and Conditions by filing a dispute for the charge.

Needless to say, we will no longer be using DoorDash anymore - because they turned out to be a bunch of crooks. Be careful and keep track of your charges if you use them.