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Doordash driver arrived 45 minutes late. Food from a reliable, known restaurant was cold.

Driver said "THEY gave me two orders". But I'm betting HE asked for 2 orders and tried to make them both in 1 trip. With mine being the second one, and therefore, very late. Just last week witnessed an Uber driver come in to our favorite restaurant, pick up his order for delivery, and decided to order himself something.

Watched him wait with his customers food in front of him for an additional 20 minutes. If companies like Doordash can't control their drivers better, their service is destined for failure.

We only order from restaurants we know are consistent, reliable. We'll continue to eat at those restaurants, but only when we can go there and not depend on an unprofessional driver trying to double down on his fee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $45.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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you’re a damn idiot. that’s not the drivers fault.

they HAVE to accept the order, if not their ratings go down. doordash just throws orders at you even if they’re not at your convenience and give you impossible delivery times, you should be complaining to the company and the way their system works not a driver who has no control over it. big dummy, the rating system also, for anyone out there who doesn’t know, it’s towards the DRIVER not the company, and usually 90% of the time the reason your food is cold/late is doordashs fault because they don’t let the customer know when they can’t find a driver for their order in the area, or when they’re giving their only driver in that area multiple orders because they don’t want to seem like their system SUCKS which it does. You think someone who depends on ratings for their job will purposely do something to mess it up?

You’re dumb. you’re an angry customer with no common sense just wants to point fingers at someone.


My comment seems to have been deleted...

Bottom line, it's not the drivers fault.


Doordash drivers have to accept at least 80% of all deliveries they receive to keep their rating up and avoid being deactivated. Doordash will sometimes send a driver a "stacked" delivery and there's nothing they can do about it.

Delivery drivers can't "ask" for more deliveries and if the order isn't ready when they get to the restaurant, there's nothing the driver can do to make the chef prepare your food any faster.

It is in the best interest of the delivery driver to get your order to you as quickly as possible.

Also, an order will occasionally be dropped by a driver. That means the driver accepted it but then later unassigned it from themself for whatever reason. So then another driver will receive the order request, and it may be an hour late or even later, and Doordash support won't call a restaurant to have a cold order remade. So in that case, the customer either gets cold food or no food at all and has to place the order again.

That is also not the drivers fault.

When you rate the driver, you're not rating the company.

That rating directly affects the driver and his/her ability to continue doing deliveries. So consider that and rate five stars next time because drivers have no control over many of the things that you may perceive to be within the purview of their responsibility.


Doordash is just a bad company. Not the drivers fault.

It was poor planning by doordash. I know . i worked for them part time. They will throw 3 orders at you with impossible deadlines.

They will send you to closed restaurants. They also have no seperate food quality and driver ratings. So if your food was awful and you rate the driver 1 star...he or ahe gets a lower total score.

Also drivers pay for their own gas and car repairs. Doordash does not offer any incentives.


That's not how it works, drivers don't ask for deliveries. DoorDash assignes deliveries to them, if they deny them it goes against the driver.

When Doordash assigns a driver 2 deliveries st the same time, the restaurants are very near each other and drop offs are close to each other. The problem that can pop up is that one of the restaurant doesn't have the food ready while the other one does. The driver is then left having to wait on the food to be prepared while the other order us sitting under a heating lamp or just on the counter. The driver should have kept the meal wrapped in thermo blanket in the thermo bag and kept you informed.

Something people need to realize..there is NO reward for the driver to be slow/late for their delivery. We don't get paid by the hour and a bad rating by the customer goes against us in a big way.

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