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I work at Ihop in Charlotte nc. A doordash driver started eating at my location.

He had an issue with his meal. i felt as a server i did everything possible to fix his issue. He was very irrationally about the sauce on the omelet. His order was made over more than once.

He said it wasn't my fault but proceeded to tip a server who bought him a recook much more than me. I waited on him afterwards and asked him like a woman why did he do that. And explained how that looked and felt in a very straight forward professional manner. I gave him excellent and professional service still on this occasion.

I see him picking up doordash orders from time to time and unless im at the register have had no need to have any contact with him. About 3 months later he emails my corporate office to send a lengthy email about me and how i dont acknowledge him or speak to him which is my unprofessional attitude toward someone i dont even know. I've always either checked on or packed this gentleman's orders as a part of my job. I have never been rude or not preformed my duties.

Is it my duty to be this gentleman's friend? He goes on in his email to say it may seem petty. Wow you think so sir? I've been at ihop 12yrs and support my family with job.

Never have i complaint like this. Hopefully he reads this and thinks to one blue collar worker to another we should lift each other up not conspire to tear each other down.

I will continue to strive to provide the best customer service representative i can be and i wish him the best and hopefully he feels better and we can come to a resolution. He can enjoy ihop and i can enjoy working here with no more complaints from him

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why did you discuss tipping with him? You should have been fired on the spot if being professional applies to you and you aren't a protected minority.

If you are a minority, then carry on. Everything you do is justified.


You’re an ***


Yes it is very unprofessional to question why another wait person was tipped more. I would fire such a person immediately....


Don’t let this mental person try to tear you down for what he perceives to be reality. Stay strong.

Door Dash doesn’t care about these independent contractors AT ALL.

If I were you I would see about getting a restraining order. Sounds like he has something mentally going on.